why I hate Saturn

From Strip To Script – Why I Hate Saturn

What can you say about ‘90s B/W independent comics, or Kyle Baker, or New York City? Probably nothing, those are all pretty boring…(don’t add ‘not!’ don’t add ‘not!’ don’t add ‘not!’)But seriously, I don’t know…Kyle Baker’s just one of the funniest writers and talented cartoonists in the game, and when I saw that Why I[...]

Kyle Baker To Launch Ongoing Sequel To 'Why I Hate Saturn'

I read Kyle Baker's graphic novel Why I Hate Saturn when I was seventeen and it pretty much changed the way I thought comics could be And I wanted to read more of them And there wasn't any Love And Rockets felt too serious, Cerebus was too politically driven, David Chelsea In Love was just too pathetic.In fact,[...]

Kyle Baker Returns To Comics With "Meh"

"Meh".Man, that took me right back to Why I Hate Saturn Don't anyone tell him that, he probably won't take it as the compliment it is.But it did.  Some thought he'd given up on comics He gave all his owned comics work away for free, digitally But now he's back with a new strip[...]

New Why I Hate Saturn From Kyle Baker

Why I Hate Saturn was one of the first graphic novels that I truly loved, less for the Thelma And Louisish plot, more for the bar dialogue, work that has rarely been surpassed in comics Witty and wise, clever and funny, it was a sitcom as comic, just far better than anything on the screen[...]