The Horrors of Boston's Subway Explored in Last Stop on the Red Line at Dark Horse in May

Riding on a subway is an experience more horrifying than any horror fiction could ever possibly hope to achieve. The sights! The smells! The thrilling possibility that a deranged individual will randomly expose themselves! So Dark Horse Comics and the creative team of Paul MayburySam Lotfi, and John Rauch have decided to make a horror comic about riding the subway in Boston. Genius!

A press release provides details on Last Stop on the Red Line:

For those of you itching to pound the pavement in search of the truth, look no further! Writer Paul Maybury (Aqua Leung, Marvel Strange Tales, Catalyst Comix), artist Sam Lotfi (Ash Vs. The Army Of Darkness, DC's New Talent Showcase, TMNT), colorist John Rauch (Fear Agent, Thor) and letterer Adam Pruett (Moebius Library, Bloodshot Reborn) are bringing the answers to you in Last Stop on the Red Line.

Last Stop on the Red Line follows detective Migdalia Torres through an investigation of a brutal strangling on a Boston subway car. There are no leads. Any potential evidence turns up nothing but dead ends. That is until Torres stumbles upon a vagrant named Yusef who might just have a supernatural connection to the unsolved crime.

"Subterranean shivery beneath the cold streets of Boston awaits. As a native son, I've yearned to tell a story of the other side of the city, seldom portrayed. Real people contending with dissonant visions that convey a reality worse than their darkest nightmares."—Paul Maybury

"A psycho-thriller monster mystery, a horrific ride on the Red Line!" —Sam Lotfi

Last Stop on the Red Line #1 (of four) goes on sale May 08, 2019, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.

The Horrors of Boston's Subway Explored in Last Stop on the Red Line at Dark Horse in May

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