Lex Luthor Is A Billionaire Again – And He's Everywhere (Spoilers)

It's Lex Luthor time! As the recent events in which Tim Drake and Jon Kent were both revealed to be young bisexual men in the same month, there has not as much conversation at DC Comics between the Batbooks and the Superbooks as there should have been in recent months. Everyone pretty much goes off and does their own thing, even through there are clear crossover with the likes of Damian Wayne. But maybe, just maybe, there might be a little connective thread in the offing between the two?

Lex Luthor Is A Billionaire Again - And He's Everywhere

In today's Superman: Son Of Kal-El 2021 Annual, Lex Luthor is back. Where has he been? Ah well, following the death of the New 52 Superman, Luthor created a new warsuit decorated by Superman's S-shield, deciding he is the new protector of Metropolis and he joins the Justice League. But after the universal barrier known as the Source Wall is broken during the events of "No Justice," Luthor forms a new Legion Of Doom to track down the secrets that were once pursued by the Legionnaires' Club, discovering they are connected to the god-like Perpetua, Mother of Forgers. In the Year of the Villain special, Luthor commits suicide to gain favor with Perpetua, who resurrects him as her acolyte/child, becoming a powerful Martian/human hybrid called Apex Lex. He then offers power to many DC Universe villains, before being usurped in Perpetua's favour by The Batman Who Laughs. Superman is then saved by Lex Luthor, who with a special suit triggers a Black Hole Event and kills the Last Sun, sacrificing himself, before he is resurrected by the end of Death Metal and joins the Justice League Incarnate.

Lex Luthor Is A Billionaire Again - And He's Everywhere

We haven't seen a lot of him since, aside from starting a cryptocurrency called Lexcoin, but it may not have brought the revenue he was expecting. And he's getting in touch with the multi-billionaires of Metropolis with a proposal.

Lex Luthor Is A Billionaire Again - And He's Everywhere

One that will cost them their lives of not. If they believe him or not.

Lex Luthor Is A Billionaire Again - And He's Everywhere

Well, if you lost all your money in LexCoin, I suppose it's one way back… after all, he's got billions to spend over in today's Batman #118 as well… spoilers, of course.

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Steve Pugh (CA) John Timms
Jon Kent's first days as Earth's new Superman have been a trial by fire. His actions have already put those he loves in harm's way. He has stood strong in the path of constant attacks, but the immovable object is about to meet an unstoppable force. Lex Luthor—the man, the myth, the menace—returns to Metropolis.
Retail: $5.99 In-Store Date: 12/7/2021

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