Little Girls Fight Man-Eating Monsters in Ethiopia in New Image Comic by Nicholas Aflleje and Sarah DeLaine

Image Comics has announced a new graphic novel hitting stores next Spring from the debuting creative team of Nicholas Aflleje and Sarah DeLaine. Called Little Girls, the comic is set in Harar, Ethiopia, where two young girls investigate mysterious disappearances, apparently the result of man-eating monsters. From the press release:

In LITTLE GIRLS, readers meet Sam, who has been an outsider all her life. That might have been the case even if her father hadn't dragged her all around the globe, but it sure didn't help. Every year, another school and another word for foreigner. Why would things be any different in Harar, Ethiopia? Well, for one thing, there's Lielet—an outspoken and rebellious local girl who has all the makings of a lifelong friend. Then there is the city itself—a crossroad of cultures and traditions woven together through time that make it feel like anything's possible. Also, there's something hunting people on the outskirts of town…

Says Aflleje:

At their age, Sam and Lielet are confronted with so many scary, new things that they don't have to stop and think about being brave, because they're brave all the time, even when facing down literal monsters together.

And DeLaine:

I think most people can relate to just not fitting in at some point in their lives, like you'll never meet someone you truly get along with. But if you somehow inexplicably do, you might suddenly realize you really want to make sure that person isn't eaten.

And the press release continues:

As the disappearances start piling up, Sam and Lielet decide they might be the only ones willing to do anything about it. But as these two young friends bravely strike out into the dark on an exciting new adventure, they soon find that the night has teeth.

Look for Little Girls OGN in comic book shops on March 26th, 2019 and bookstores on April 2nd.

Little Girls Fight Man-Eating Monsters in Ethiopia in New Image Comic by Nicholas Aflleje and Sarah DeLaine

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