Why Does Marvel Allow Such Awful Squirrel Girl Art To Be Published?

It is clear that Marvel Comics has reached a nadir in its time as a comic book publisher. It is riven through with social justice warrior liberal feminist homosexual black-lives-matter agenda-driven politics, to the extent that it will hire the worst comic book artists possible as long as they are popular on Tumblr, even though that audience has been proven to have never bought a single comic book in their lives.

And the nadir of this nadir is the comic book The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, written by a Canadian and drawn by a woman — I say drawn, but the artwork is utterly appalling to my eyes. Check out these examples, and pay particular attention to the way the eyes and mouth are portrayed, as well as Squirrel Girl's figure:

Why Does Marvel Allow Such Awful Squirrel Girl Art To Be Published?

They eyes are bulbous, the mouth is too wide, the cheeks are chubby, the body shape is stocky, she is a very ugly — sorry, I mean I have to say "non-traditionally attractive" these days — and clearly not at all what her original creators intended.

She is also seen constantly having out with other Marvel mainstays such as Iron Man above, rather than gain her place organically. It's social justice warriorism of the most warrioristy.

And it goes far beyond that, the character is continually being placed in scenarios where she is outmatched and yet we are supposed to believe she defeated major Marvel Comics villains with little more than the power to talk to squirrels.

Why Does Marvel Allow Such Awful Squirrel Girl Art To Be Published?

How on earth can we take such a character seriously when she is shown defeating the likes of Doctor Doom? We are being forced to buy such comics despite hating them so much. Because Marvel expects me to buy every single comic they publish, and my collection includes the likes of Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Street Poet Ray, I am utterly incensed that I now have to buy this wretched Squirrel Girl comic to sit alongside them.

I wish I could just buy the comics that I like and not buy the comics that I don't, but we just don't live in a perfect world, and I have to make videos about how terrible this comic book is.

That is why, as of today, I am going to boycott all the Marvel Comics I actually like, in order to persuade Marvel to only publish Marvel Comics I like. I will continue to purchase the comics I don't like so I can continue to make videos about how much I don't like them though. And we'll see how long it take for Marvel to capitulate to my demands.

UPDATE: I have now been informed that the comics I refer to earlier were from Squirrel Girl's original appearance in 1992 drawn by Squirrel Girl co-creator Steve Ditko who also co-created Spider-Man. That the chairman of Marvel is a personal friend of Donald Trump, is part of the US Government's administration now and donated millions to his campaign. That there are audiences for comics outside of comic stores. And that apparently I am not actually being forced to buy comic books that I don't want — and I didn't actually have to buy Marvel's Barbie comic from the eighties, either.

Who knew?

I am keeping my Street Poet Ray, though. It still speaks to me.

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