Marvel Make Selling "Celebrate Stan Lee" Comics a Firing Offense

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool reported on the Stan Lee Memorial Event that had run earlier in the week, with the great and the good coming out to honour the memory of Stan Lee. And noting that attendees received a Celebrate Stan Lee special edition publication. And that one person had already put theirs on eBay where it was getting bids of over $300. One hour later, it went for $415.

But that was just the start. Copies have now sold for up to $500, and it helps if it comes with the attending ticket and program of events.

Be careful what can be identified online, however. I am told that Marvel Comics has made this a firing offense if any of their employees are caught selling coies of these on eBay. If that's you, maybe consider deleting your listing, successful or not. Marvel Comics are looking at each and every sale. And if you are a guest, and they identify you, don't expect to be invited back to any similar event…

Four copies have so far sold, seven are currently on sale. The restriction may make those copies even more in demand.



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