Marvel's Time Runs Out – It's Like Secret Wars In Reverse

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Tom Brevoort (already lined up to be President of the United States apparently, according to tomorrow's All-New X-Men) has been talking about the upcoming event Time Runs Out from Jonathan Hickman (that you first read about on Bleeding Cool) that his Avengers titles have been building up to for, like, forever.

In September both "Avengers" and "New Avengers" are effectively skipping their storylines ahead eight months. That means the cast situation of the books and where everybody is in the Marvel Universe will be contiguous with the end of April 2015.

So one of the things that these covers already sort of mysteriously do is portend changes that are going to happen not necessarily in the pages of "Avengers," but throughout the various books of the Marvel Universe. Reading "Avengers" and "New Avengers" in September is literally like getting a comic sent to you from the future eight months ahead of time.

From that point all the way up until April of 2015 they will both be running eight months ahead of the Marvel Universe and then the Marvel Universe every month will be closing that gap. So in October they'll be seven months ahead of everybody else. Then in November they'll be six months ahead until everything converges once again at the end of April and then BAM! Time runs out.

Bleeding Cool's Tom Huxley notes that,

With Secret Wars all the books in the line had this big shift and the gap in time was filled by the event book. With Time Runs Out, the event book is the time shift and the gap is filled by the rest of the line.

Secret Wars in reverse? Sraw Terces?

You could also say its a bit like One Year Later and 52 in reverse as well. But best Make Mine Marvel, I suppose…

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