Math Beats Magic Every Time in the Masters of Mathematics

Brian Poller writes,

Math is better than magic. It has secret symbols unlocking special knowledge. I just think that math is cool. But to be honest, I was never a great math student. I never enjoyed studying or taking math tests. I struggled through high school and college courses, and yet I still believed that math was just plain cool.

I was also inspired by an awesome book called Men of Mathematics by E.T. Bell. It's a dramatization of historical mathematicians. After reading that book, I thought about how these characters could live again as super-heroes and super villains.

Now I'm very proud to share the beginning of my story of "The Masters of Mathematics" now live on Kickstarter. 

The story starts with a dramatic retelling of the tragic death of Galois, in a duel in 1832.

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Then we move 300 years into the future, to a world of clones, replicants, duplicates, and brain implants. Gauss, a young clone, is introduced with a building mystery.

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Meanwhile, Galois has been resurrected as a clone. He is now the malevolent head of a defense conglomerate, eager to enact his revenge with his new discovery of anti-gravity.

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And that's just the beginning of the story. There's a ton of action, characters and suspense built into this first issue of the Master's of Mathematics.

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And for the cherry on top, there's going to be math. Finally. There's going to be really cool math. I'm really proud of the story and art. I hope you'll check out my Kickstarter. 

For a limited time, I'll offer an immediate discount for any Bleeding Cool readers. Please take a look!

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