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Magic: The Gathering: Five Places We Saw Magic In The Media Wilds
So too, is this the case with the world's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering This article seeks to look at five instances where Magic has been seen in the wild of film and television. #1. Invasion Poster in Spider-Man One of the earliest and most notable appearances of Magic memorabilia in a film is the infamous[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Innistrad Midnight Hunt Stream Recap
At 9:00 AM Pacific Time, or 12:00 PM Eastern Time, Wizards of the Coast conducted a stream on YouTube and Twitch pertaining to their upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, called Innistrad: Midnight Hunt This stream revolved around the theme of the "Harvesttide Festival", a ritual enacted by humans on Innistrad to ward off evil In the[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Terrifying Innistrad ARG Story Experience
Wizards of the Coast, creators of the premier trading card game Magic: The Gathering, have always been quite detail-oriented in their worldbuilding The stories they tell through the cards they design, develop, and print have always been remarkably in-depth and immersive But stories all have a different sort of perspective to them For example, New Phyrexia,[...]
Magic: The Gathering Showcase 2021 Recap - Tons Of Info Revealed
Today, Wizards of the Coast conducted their Showcase 2021 stream for Magic: The Gathering, the first trading card game to hit markets anywhere In addition to showing a bit of information from the next couple of sets for 2021, this stream showed off a ton of teasers for what we as consumers can come to expect[...]
Magic: The Gathering's New Secret Lair Announced For PulseCon 2021
Secret Lair, Wizards of the Coast's most major marketing shift in recent years for their premier trading card game Magic: The Gathering, has seen a ton of different iterations in the past couple of years From tattoo styles to Phyrexian-language editions of the Praetors of New Phyrexia, Secret Lair products have run the gamut of what can[...]
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Netflix, Hasbro, and Entertainment One's upcoming CG-animated series adaptation of Magic: The Gathering is seeing a major change in creative leadership, with Joe Russo and Anthony Russo amicably departing the project over creative differences regarding how to best adapt the game to series Executive producer Jeff Kline (Transformers: Prime) will oversee a new creative team[...]
Magic: The Gathering: 3rd Party Draftsim Determines Best Draft Bot
Drafting a Limited deck on Magic Arena, the online interface for Magic: The Gathering, is quite an impersonal task Unlike in physical drafts, on Arena players contend with people remotely The bright side is that while you are behind the ultimate poker face (that is to say, no face at all), you can also run simulated draft pools[...]
Opinion: Why Magic: The Gathering: Commander's Rule 0 Is Essential
Greetings to the players, collectors, and fans of Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering! In the past, we have gone over what decks are in vogue in Commander, along with a few ways to upgrade them, through abridged deck techs and content reviews Rest assured, these will not stop, but[...]
Magic: The Gathering Teases New Innistrad Set: Midnight Hunt
Not even two days after the conclusion of the spoiler season for Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, Wizards of the Coast has already begun to tease Magic: The Gathering players with the next set for the premier trading card game: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! Today, over Twitch's WeeklyMTG stream, Wizards of the Coast employees Chris Peeler, Mike Turian, and Ethan Fleischer revealed some[...]
Magic: The Gathering Releases Next "State Of Magic Arena" Notes
Wizards of the Coast has been extremely diligent in fixing bugs and updating Magic Arena, their online interface for Magic: The Gathering On top of that, they've been fairly communicative about what they do for the client, and how it will affect players trying to get their dailies in, grind for Mythic, or prep for their[...]
Wizards Of The Coast Shrinkwrap Sold By 3rd Party Vendors - Beware
If a booster box of Magic: The Gathering cards or Pokémon cards didn't have the logo-etched shrinkwrap on it, it was deemed to be tampered with and therefore potentially tampered product However, some light has been shed upon a new practice by third-party vendors to actually sell shrinkwrap with Wizards of the Coast's logo on it, thereby[...]
Magic: The Gathering Showcase 2021 Is Streaming On August 24th
Wizards of the Coast has been cooking up a lot of content revolving around their premier trading card game Magic: The Gathering Be it the tease of a Stranger Things crossover or their major set crossover with Dungeons & Dragons, another intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast, it seems that they are preparing for something major. Perhaps to prime[...]
Magic: The Gathering Rarities: PT San Diego 2010 & "Robot Chicken"
Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has made a lot of special Magic: The Gathering cards under particular circumstances that celebrated major milestone events, such as the World Championships of the game in 1996, the opening of the DCI Tournament Center in Tokyo, Japan, or the individual births of Magic creator Dr Richard Garfield's two children[...]
Magic: The Gathering Masques Tournament Packs Auction At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas, that primarily deals with comics, video games, trading cards, and collectibles, has put a pair of tournament packs from the Mercadian Masques expansion set of Magic: The Gathering up for auction! While not the most powerful set of its day (as it immediately followed the Urza's Saga block), Mercadian[...]
Magic: The Gathering JumpStart: Historic Horizons "In The Machine"
Hello and welcome, players, collectors, and all manner of fans of Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering! Today, we are happy to showcase an exclusive preview from Magic's next digital-only expansion for Magic Arena, JumpStart: Historic Horizons! This full-pack preview is of the "In The Machine" pack, half a Sealed deck worth of[...]