More 2022 Marvel Big Books – Shuri, Jane Foster, Contest Of Champions

We looked at a bunch of Marvel Omnibus volumes coming down the 2022 pipe yesterday, but man does not live on Omnibuses alone. Here are some other Marvel big comic books, including the Complete Collection line, the Marvel Masterworld line, the Epic line, the Gallery line and other interesting collections that have yet to be solicited by Marvel Comics. And it begins with Shuri…

Marvel Big Books

The Black Panther: The Saga of Shuri & T'Challa Paperback – August 2, 2022
by Reginald Hudlin, Jonathan Maberry, Ta-Nehisi Coates, John Romita Jr., Ken Lashley, Pepe Larraz, Brian Stelfreeze

She's the genius sister of T'Challa, who always believed she was destined to be the Black Panther! And when her brother unexpectedly falls, Shuri may get her chance — if she can survive it! With Queen Ororo ruling Wakanda while T'Challa recuperates, Shuri must prove herself worthy to be her country's champion by braving the deadly Panther rituals. The stakes have never been higher — but that's just how Shuri likes it! Though when her father's killer, Ulysses Klaw, returns with a deadly plan that will spill blood from the Savage Land to the streets of New York, Shuri must turn to some unexpected allies for help! And a transformative journey through the Djalia, the Wakandan spirit plane, will soon change Shuri forever! COLLECTING: Black Panther (2005) 2, Black Panther (2009) 1-6, Klaws of the Panther (2010) 1-4, Black Panther (2016) 8-11


Marvel Big Books

Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions Gallery Edition Hardcover – June 21, 2022
by Bill Mantlo, Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, Steve Englehart, John Romita Jr, Al Milgrom, Bob Hall

The first ever Marvel event series is given the extra-sized treatment it deserves! When the Grandmaster plays a game of cosmic chess against Death herself, Earth's super heroes become the pawns! If the Grandmaster wins, his brother the Collector will be restored to life. But if he loses, Death will claim a bitter price! Each side selects twelve champions from all across Earth to do battle for the fragments of the golden globe of life. But this clash of Marvel titans comes with unexpected twists and turns…and several surprising new combatants! Then, months later, the fallout of the contest leads to a life-and-death saga that pits two teams of Avengers against one another — and against a truly lethal Legion of the Unliving! COLLECTING: Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions (1982) 1-3, West Coast Avengers Annual (1986) 2, Avengers Annual (1967) 16

Marvel Big Books

Spider-Man: The Wedding Album Gallery Edition Hardcover – August 30, 2022
by David Michelinie, Jim Shooter, Christopher Priest, Peter David, John Romita Jr, Alex Saviuk, Paul Ryan, Alan Kupperberg

Celebrate the greatest comic-book wedding of all in this oversized Gallery Edition containing the complete story of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's 1980s nuptials — from proposal, to ceremony, to honeymoon! After years of will-they-won't-they friendship and occasional romance, Peter pops the question…and after a lot of soul-searching, MJ says yes! But will these lovebirds truly hit the jackpot and walk down the aisle, or will that ol' Parker luck — not to mention Electro, the Puma and the new Spider-Slayer — ruin everything for the bride and groom? Plus, vintage behind-the-scenes extras including the newspaper strip version of the wedding, and the complete saga of the happy couple's history! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 290-292, Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) 21, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1979) 7, What If? (1989) 20-21, Marvel Saga: The Official History of the Marvel Universe (1985) 22, material from Not Brand Echh (1967) 6

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Voices: Heritage  October 4, 2022

Stories from the world outside your window, by diverse creators who are making theirs Marvel — and making their voices heard! Inspired by Marvel's acclaimed podcast series MARVEL'S VOICES, Indigenous and Asian American writers and artists share their unique perspectives on iconic characters, in exciting and inspiring new adventures! Plus: The astonishing debuts of the new Werewolf by Night, Jake Gomez, and the genius Amadeus Cho! The sensational first issue of a new era of greatness starring Silk! And a gorgeous gallery of Jeffrey Veregge's Native American Heritage variant covers! COLLECTING: Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices (2020) 1, Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices (2021) 1, Champions Annual (2018) 1, Marvel Comics (2019) 1000 (Jeffrey Veregge page), Werewolf by Night (2020) 1, United States of Captain America (2021) 3 (Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe story), Phoenix Song: Echo (2021) 1, Native American Heritage variants

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Anniversary Tributes Paperback – August 23, 2022
by Len Wein, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Various Artists

Modern-day masters pay homage to the legends that created the Marvel Universe in this deluxe collection of Tribute tales — each featuring classic stories reinvented, page by page, by the best of today's talents! Working from the original scripts of some of the most important comic books ever printed, a veritable who's who of the industry's finest illustrators choose how best to honor what came before — whether by adhering to the layout and panel structure of the originals, or doing things completely differently in their own unique style. You likely know these timeless tales of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk…but you have never seen them like this! COLLECTING: Giant-Size X-Men: A Tribute to Wein & Cockrum (2020) 1, Captain America Anniversary Tribute (2021) 1, Fantastic Four Anniversary Tribute (2021) 1, Hulk 60th Anniversary Tribute (2022) 1, Thor 60th Anniversary Tribute (2022) 1

Marvel Big Books

Wolverine: Origin Deluxe Edition Paperback – August 16, 2022
by Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, Andy Kubert

For decades, Wolverine's shadowy past has been shrouded in mystery. But before he was the savage mainstay of the X-Men, before he was a tormented secret agent codenamed Weapon X — even before he was a barroom brawler in the wilds of Canada — he was a child. And now, his story will be told! Featuring the birth and childhood of sickly young James Howlett, the secrets and intrigue of his family history, the first struggle with his subconscious savagery that culminated in tragedy, and how James' flight from everything he once knew led to the forging of the man known as Logan! Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert, two of the industry's most acclaimed creators, unite to tell the tale that shaped mutantdom's mightiest misfit — in a gorgeous Deluxe Edition packed with behind-the-scenes extras COLLECTING: Wolverine: The Origin (2001) 1-6

Marvel Big Books

Jane Foster: The Saga of Valkyrie Hardcover – May 31, 2022
by Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Torunn Gronbekk, Ramon K Perez, Russell Dauterman, CAFU, Pere Perez

Death is not the end! When the Goddess of Thunder falls, that doesn't mean Dr. Jane Foster's epic journey is over. The woman who was Thor claims a new heroic legacy…as the last Asgardian Valkyrie! Jane takes over as the guide and ferrywoman to the dead — and she's going to be busy, because the lethal killer Bullseye is on the loose, with an Asgardian weapon in hand! As one ally is lost, new friendships are forged with marvelous medics Doctor Strange, Night Nurse and the Excalibur-wielding Dr. Faiza Hussain. But who is their patient? Plus, Valkyrie reunites with the Odinson! And meet your new favorite talking steed, Mr. Horse! COLLECTING: Mighty Thor (2015) 702-706, , Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) 1-10; material from Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla (2018) 1, War of the Realms: Omega (2019) 1

Complete Collections

Marvel Big Books

Captain America: Heroes Return – The Complete Collection Vol. 2 Paperback – June 28, 2022
by Mark Waid, Bill Rosemann, Tom DeFalco, Joe Casey, Doug Braithwaite, Andy Kubert, Lee Weeks, Vince Evans

Captain America is at his weakest! With his shield shattered and his powers drained, Cap finds himself trapped in the future, facing the Red Skull — who has the might of the Cosmic Cube at his fingertips! And waiting in the wings is the man who killed the Avengers: Korvac! Then, if the Sentinel of Liberty can somehow survive that, the destruction of his fabled shield has unleashed a "Vibranium cancer" wave that threatens to destroy every piece of the miracle metal on Earth! As Cap races to contain the invisible threat, the villainous Klaw prepares to capitalize on it! Writer Mark Waid wraps up his legendary Cap run in style! Plus, Steve Rogers goes undercover behind bars, faces down Crossbones and the Absorbing Man, and battles the terrorist threats of Hydra and Flag-Smasher! COLLECTING: Captain America (1998) 13-24, Captain America Annual '99

Marvel Big Books

Untold Tales Of Spider-Man: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 (Untold Tales of Spider-man, 2) Paperback – August 2, 2022
by Kurt Busiek, GL Lawrence, Tom DeFalco, Roger Stern , Pat Olliffe, Bob McLeod, Ron Frenz, John Romita Jr

Kurt Busiek and friends dance between the raindrops of classic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN continuity to present more untold tales of young Peter Parker — and his colorful supporting cast! J. Jonah Jameson faces a battle for the Daily Bugle, Mary Jane Watson has her first encounter with Spider-Man…and is Spidey really going on a date with the Invisible Girl?! Plus, Marvel's other Silver Age heroes join the fun, including Hawkeye, the X-Men and Doctor Strange! But what about the villains? Witness Spider-Man's never-before-seen clashes with Doctor Octopus, the Vulture and the Green Goblin — and terrifying encounters with the Scarecrow and the lethal Headsman! And leap further back into the past for an espionage adventure starring Peter's parents! COLLECTING: Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995) 15-25, -1; Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual '96-97; Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounter (1998) 1; material from Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) 37

Marvel Big Books

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 (Fantastic Four, 4) Paperback – August 2, 2022
by Jonathan Hickman, Ron Garney, Mike Choi, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Ryan Stegman

Jonathan Hickman's groundbreaking run comes to an explosive end! First, explore the future and the past: Witness the Fantastic Four of the year 3030, and learn the secret history of Marvel's first family! Then, follow the team on a journey through an alien landscape as a life hangs in the balance! And when the fallout from the Kree-Inhuman war threatens galactic peace, how will it affect Ronan and Crystal? Meanwhile, the Panther God decides the fate of T'Challa. Who will be the Black Panther? And the kids of the Future Foundation explore the farthest reaches of the Marvel Universe, from Wakanda to the Negative Zone! But when the Wizard returns to claim his "son" Bentley-23, the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation must join forces to save him!

COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1998) 605, 605.1, 606-611; FF (2011) 17-23

Marvel Big Books

Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 Paperback – September 6, 2022
by Steve Mellor, Michael Eury, Fred Hembeck, Danny Fingeroth, Alan Kupperberg, Barry Dutter, J. Michael Straczynski, Tom DeFalco, Jason Latour, Joe Albelo, Ron Zalme, John Costanza, Jacob Chabot, Adam Dekraker, David LaFuente

Pig out on more anthropomorphic adventures of the Spectacular Spider-Ham! Peter Porker crosses paths with Black Catfi sh, Crocktor Strange, the Punfisher, Ducktor Doom, the Larval Zombies, Raven the Hunter, the Green Gobbler and more – plus Howard the Duck and Forbush Man! The Infinity Wart causes cosmic chaos, but can Peter handle the power of Captain Zooniverse? And who is Spider-Ham 2099? Plus, Civil War rocks Spider-Ham in a piggy paradise filled with porcine personas from Iron Ham to Wolver-Ham! And when J. Jonah Jackal and Mary Crane are kidnapped, Spider-Ham battles Doctor Octopussycat and the Swinester Six!

COLLECTING: MARVEL TALES (1964) 201-212, 214-219, 223-230, 233, 236-237, 239-240, 247; WHAT THE–?! (1988) 20; ULTIMATE CIVIL WAR: SPIDER-HAM (2007) 1; SPIDER-HAM 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (2010) 1; SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL (2019) 1; MATERIAL FROM WHAT THE–?! (1988) 3, 18, 22, 24, 26; SPIDER-VERSE (2015) 1

Marvel Masterworks

Marvel Big Books

Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 1: The Sentinel of Liberty (Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Captain America, 1) Paperback – June 7, 2022
by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

The stories that built the Marvel Universe, from the brilliant minds of legendary creators — now available in an accessible new format the whole family can enjoy! As America prepared to enter World War II, a secret military project gave birth to the greatest one-man fighting force ever known — Captain America! But an accident left Cap frozen in suspended animation, while the world turned on for decades. Now, found and revived by the Avengers, Steve Rogers is a man out of time, tormented by the loss of his wartime partner Bucky — but no less committed to fighting evil in all its forms! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby present the rebirth of an American icon, pitting Cap against Baron Zemo's Army of Assassins, the Sleepers, Batroc the Leaper…and Cap's Nazi nemesis the Red Skull!

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Masterworks: The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 5 (Marvel Masterworks, 5) Hardcover – June 21, 2022
by Roger Stern , Bill Mantlo, David Anthony Kraft, Marv Wolfman, Ed Hannigan, Jim Shooter, John Byrne, Greg Larocque

Roger Stern's seminal run on Spectacular Spider-Man concludes and Bill Mantlo returns for a second fan favorite stint! After a run-in with the Jack O' Lantern, Spider-Man must protect Marla Madison (scientist and J. Jonah Jameson's one true love) from the deadly Will O' the Wisp. The Ringer menaces Spider-Man's world in a tale drawn by John Byrne, setting up a double-sized issue featuring Stern's retelling of Spider-Man's origin. Then, Bill Mantlo comes aboard, pitting Spider-Man against a cavalcade of his deadliest rogues: Kraven, Electro and the Molten Man! And in one of the most timeless tales of Spectacular history, teen-runaways-turned-heroes Cloak and Dagger make their first appearance! Plus: An Annual that takes Spider-Man to the "Dark Side of the Moon" with Man-Wolf! COLLECTING: Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #56-66, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1979) #3

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 14 (Marvel Masterworks, 14) Hardcover – July 12, 2022
by Roger Stern , John Byrne, Bill Mantlo, Mike W Barr, Mike Zeck, Gene Colan, Lee Elias, Alan Kupperberg

Captain America is the people's choice in a timeless run by Roger Stern and John Byrne! Their Cap adventures begin with the Machinesmith and his army of robot replicas! Then, our hero winds up in an even tighter spot—in a race for the presidency?!? Next, Batroc is back with Mr. Hyde by his high-jumping side! The Stern/Byrne run concludes with a timeless tale of horror from Cap's war-torn past as Baron Blood seeks to conscript Cap into the army of the undead and a 40th anniversary celebration that explores Cap's all-American origin! This top-shelf Masterworks also includes a return by all-time great Cap artist Gene Colan and the beginning of Mike Zeck's iconic run! COLLECTING: Captain America (1968) #247-260

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 16 (Marvel Masterworks, 16) Hardcover – August 16, 2022
by Bill Mantlo, Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, Sal Buscema, Herb Trimpe, Steve Ditko

The Masterworks rampage into the incredible Bill Mantlo era of Hulk! Mantlo's five-year run redefined comics greenest meanest goliath. It kicks off when the Hulk from unleashes his rage on Gamma Base. By the time the dust settles, Hulk is exiled to Jarella's world where he crosses paths with the cosmic Gardener, an owner of an Infinity Gem. Then, it's back to Earth for a chilling fight against Jack Frost in a tale drawn by the legendary Steve Ditko. A double-sized 250th issue features a team-up and tussle with the Silver Surfer, after which it's a "Trial by Monster" as Hulk finds himself in the middle of a civil war between monster men. The indelible art of Sal Buscema makes page after page a Marvel Masterwork! COLLECTING: Incredible Hulk (1968) 245-255, Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 25, material from Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 26

Marvel Big Books

Mighty Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3: The Goblin and the Gangsters (Mighty Marvel Masterworks: the Amazing Spider-man, 3) Paperback – August 2, 2022
by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

The stories that built the Marvel Universe, from the brilliant minds of legendary creators — now available in an accessible new format the whole family can enjoy! Thrill to more stories from the amazing creative pairing of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, as they continue crafting the friendly neighborhood of the greatest super hero of all! Spider-Man feels the savage sting of the Scorpion and the red-hot touch of the Molten Man for the first time…faces unforgettable rematches against the Green Goblin, the Vulture and Sandman…and, would you believe, comes to blows with none other than J. Jonah Jameson! Plus, the wallcrawler is caught between the Human Torch and the Beetle…and shares a mystical adventure with Doctor Strange! And if you think Spidey has it tough, try being Peter Parker!

Marvel Big Books

Marvel Masterworks: Werewolf By Night Vol. 1 (Marvel Masterworks, 1) Hardcover – August 9, 2022
by Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Roy Thomas, Jean Thomas, Mike Ploog, Werner Roth, Ross Andru

Born on the night of a full moon, Marvel's most fearsome horror hero debuts! He may be Jack Russell by day, but when darkness falls, he becomes the Werewolf by Night! Immigrated from Eastern Europe as a small child, 18-year-old Russell finds out the hair-raising secret of a family curse that turns all males into werewolves! Now, he must learn to survive in a world not hospitable to werewolf-kind—and try not to kill anyone in the process! In this first volume, master of the macabre Mike Ploog delivers some of the greatest artwork of his storied career. And these classic tales are looking better than ever because they have been newly restored for the Marvel Masterworks. COLLECTING: Marvel Spotlight (1971) 2-4, Werewolf by Night (1972) 1-8, Marvel Team-Up (1972) 12

Epic Collections

Marvel Big Books

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Power Paperback – May 31, 2022

In 1962, in the pages of a comic book slated for cancellation, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko gave birth to one of the most enduring icons in American popular culture: the Amazing Spider-Man! Turning the concept of a super hero on its head, they imbued the young, guilt-ridden Peter Parker with the fantastic powers of an arachnid and the fantastic pressures of an everyday teenager. The combination was pure magic. Now, you can leap into Spider-Man's web-slinging world from the very beginning, including the tragic origin that started it all; the first appearances of the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson; and the debut of classic villains including the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, the Sandman, the Vulture and Electro!COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #1-17 and Annual #1, and material from Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15.

Marvel Big Books

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Clone Wars Vol. 4 Paperback – May 31, 2022
by Chris Cerasi, Jeremy Barlow, John Ostrander, Kevin Rubio, Nicola Scott, Juan Frigeri, Jan Duursema, Doug Wheatley

The Sith have their revenge! The Jedi are spread thin across the galaxy battling separatist armies, as Palpatine and his apprentice Count Dooku scheme to destroy the Jedi Order once and for all. But Darth Maul has returned — and targeted both sides of the conflict! Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi has done all he can to guide his former student, Anakin Skywalker — but a dark destiny awaits. As the Clone Wars reach their tragic, inevitable conclusion, witness the fates of Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura — and the birth of Darth Vader! COLLECTING: Free Comic Book Day 2005: Star Wars 1; Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir (2014) 1-4; Star Wars: Republic (2002) 74-77, 81-83; Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) 1-4; Star Wars: Tag & Bink II (2006) 2; material from Star Wars Visionaries (2005) 1, Star Wars Tales (1999) 4

Marvel Big Books

Generation X Epic Collection: Emplate's Revenge Paperback – May 31, 2022
by Scott Lobdell, Todd DeZago, Jeph Loeb, Michael Golden, Tom Grummett, Val Semeiks, Pasqual Ferry, Chris Bachalo

The next generation of X-Men must grow up fast! Generation X welcomes the mutant called Mondo to their ranks — just in time for Omega Red to attack! And with Banshee lying at death's door, Chamber may be the last man standing! Then, the team's deadliest and most horrifying foe returns: M's evil brother, Emplate! And he's hungry for more than vengeance! Even if the students can avoid becoming Emplate's next meal, will a surprising transformation consume one of their own? Plus, the White Queen goes to extreme lengths to protect the students from Onslaught, Franklin Richards joins the school in the wake of tragedy, and Chamber and Husk's romance reaches a tipping point! Guest-starring Howard the Duck…and Stan Lee! COLLECTING: Generation X (1994) 10-23, Generation X Annual '95-'96, Generation X San Diego Preview (1994) 1, material from Incredible Hulk Annual '97

Marvel Big Books

Excalibur Epic Collection: The Sword Is Drawn Paperback – June 21, 2022
by Chris Claremont , Michael Higgins, Erik Larsen, Arthur Adams, Marshall Rogers, Alan Davis

A legendary team is born! Meet the United Kingdom's champion, Captain Britain, and his paramour, the metamorphic Meggan! They'll band together with former X-Men Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde when Gatecrasher and her Technet are sent to capture Rachel "Phoenix" Summers! From their lighthouse base, the heroes of Excalibur will tackle the ferocious Warwolves, the unstoppable Juggernaut and Mojo mayhem! Things get wild with Arcade, the Crazy Gang and the X-Babies – and really heat up as Excalibur is drawn across the Atlantic to an Inferno raging in New York! And don't forget Lightning Squad, the alternate Nazi versions of Excalibur! Plus: Who is what is Widget?COLLECTING: Captain Britain (1976) 1-2; Excalibur (1988) 1-11, Excalibur Special Edition (1988) 1, Mojo Mayhem (1989) 1; material from Mighty World of Marvel (1972) 7, 14-15; Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 31-38

Marvel Big Books

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Man-Wolf At Midnight Paperback – June 28, 2022
by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Gil Kane, John Romita Jr

There's no questioning it, Peter Parker has never had it easy, but when the Parker luck is in full effect, you know it means epic Spider-Man adventures! A new era of villains keeps the bad luck streak alive when Col. John Jameson's is marked by the werewolf's curse becoming the Man-Wolf. Meanwhile, Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn descends into madness, paranoia and a certain green costume. The first appearance of the Punisher raises the tension even higher, while the nefarious Jackal draws up schemes that will forever change the web-slinger's life! Also featuring the introduction of the hilarious Human Torch-built Spider-Mobile; the shocking wedding of Aunt May and Doctor Octopus; the Tarantula, Mysterio and so much more! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 124-142, Giant-Size Super-Heroes (1974) 1, material from Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 1

Marvel Big Books

Captain America Epic Collection: Sturm Und Drang Paperback – July 5, 2022
by J M Dematteis, Bill Mantlo, Michael Carlin, Peter B Gillis, Mike Zeck, Ron Frenz, Herb Trimpe, Paul Neary

Marvel Big Books

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 7 (Star Wars Legends Epic Collection, 7) Paperback – July 12, 2022
by Tom Taylor, Scott Allie, Mike Kennedy, Ron Marz, Chris Scalf, Ryan Benjamin, Carlos Meglia, Claudio Castellini

The Empire rules the galaxy — but for how long? When high-level Imperial officers plot to overthrow the Emperor, Vader must stop them…with the help of Boba Fett! Meanwhile, when a survivor of Fett's very first mission surfaces, he must choose whether to help him — or finish the job! And when Fett is seemingly killed, his child and her mother become unwitting targets. Plus, other bounty hunters have become interested in a very special prize that Fett wants for himself, with a scheme that draws the attention of scoundrels Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian!

Marvel Big Books

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The New Fantastic Four Paperback – July 19, 2022
by Walt Simonson, Len Kaminski, Danny Fingeroth, Tom Defalco, Paul C Ryan, Christopher Ivy, Al Milgrom, Mark Bagley

The Fantastic Four, like never before! With Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny out of commission, a new FF comes together: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the Hulk! But what monstrous threat could bring these heroes together? And how are the Mole Man and the Skrulls involved? Maybe the real FF can help figure all that out! Then, the one, true Doom returns — and a time-jumping battle for the ages with Mister Fantastic ensues! Did we say time? Uh-oh, better hope nobody tells the Time Variance Authority! The Thing battles the Wrecker before a fantastic new era begins — and a stunning revelation rocks the marriage of Johnny Storm and Alicia Masters! Plus: The New Warriors, the Guardians of the Galaxy and a Miracle on Yancy Street!COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1961) #347-361 And Annual #24 And Material From Marvel Holiday Special #1

Marvel Big Books

Avengers Epic Collection: Kang War Paperback – July 19, 2022
by Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas, Tony Isabella, Sal Buscema, Dave Cockrum, George Tuska, Don Heck

Throughout his Avengers' run, Steve Englehart slowly built the mysterious Mantis into one of '70s Marvel's most intriguing characters. Here, her tale reaches its cosmic climax in a saga spanning space and time—"The Celestial Madonna!" When Kang the Conqueror arrives, the action begins. Before it's over, Kang, Rama-Tut and Immortus will have you time-twisted in two. And that's just for starters! The origin of the Vision is revealed and he and the Scarlet Witch wed. Then, the Avengers put out a call for new members. Beast, Hellcat and Moondragon join, while Captain America, Yellowjacket and the Wasp return. Each will be tested in a second war with Kang and the Squadron Sinister. It's a classic conflict that teams the Avengers with the Marvel heroes of the Old West! COLLECTING: Avengers (1963) 129-149, Giant-Size Avengers (1974) 2-4; material from Giant-Size Avengers (1974) 5, Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 7, FOOM (1973) 12

Marvel Big Books

Captain America Epic Collection: Hero Or Hoax? Paperback – July 26, 2022
by Stan Lee , Gary Friedrich, Gerald F Conway, Stephen Ross Gerber, Sal Buscema, Gil Kane, John Romita Jr, Gray Morrow

It's a new direction for the red-white-and-blue Avenger! When the city's police officers begin to disappear, Captain America takes a job as one of New York's finest! There are also larger-than-life villains – from the Grey Gargoyle to Hydra to the Red Skull – providing plenty of opportunity for Cap to swing that shield! And speaking of S.H.I.E.D., Nick Fury's spy shop is here, too – and they'll be fighting both for and against Cap! Meanwhile, the Falcon has a surprise encounter with two familiar – and anything but friendly – faces that will change Captain America's life forever. It's the shock of the year as Cap discovers that while he was frozen in the Arctic, there was a second Captain America and Bucky! Now they're back – and they're fighting mad! COLLECTING: Captain America (1968) 139-159

Marvel Big Books

Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection: Hardball Paperback – July 26, 2022
by Christopher Priest, Archie Goodwin, Alan Rowlands, Tony Isabella, Greg Larocque, Billy Graham, Steve Geiger, Mark Bright

Is this the end of a beautiful friendship? The original POWER MAN AND IRON FIST series races to its conclusion, as the duo face a rematch with old foes Nightshade, Discus, Stiletto, the Eel and Man Mountain Marko. But who is Captain Hero? And what does this powerhouse want from Luke Cage? Iron Fist shares a team-up with the Falcon at Project Pegasus — where there's a murderer on the loose! And Cage is recruited to take on the terrorist group named Control-7! But why has Danny Rand suddenly become old and dying? And if he can somehow return to K'un Lun to be healed, what will be the terrible price? As the Dragon King's brother attacks and Iron Fist sees red, the Heroes for Hire will be torn apart by tragedy!COLLECTING: Power Man and Iron Fist (1978) 108-125

Marvel Big Books

Daredevil Epic Collection: It Comes With The Claws Paperback – August 9, 2022
by Mark Gruenwald, Danny Fingeroth, Ann Nocenti, Steve Englehart, Steve Ditko, Barry Windsor-Smith, Louis Williams, Sal Buscema

Daredevil takes on all comers! The Man Without Fear faces the maniac without pain: the irrepressible Madcap! But that's just a warmup for DD's rematch with one of his most powerful foes — Mister Hyde! And the hits just keep coming…Klaw, Master of Sound makes some noise, Chance tries his luck, and the savage Sabretooth crosses Daredevil's path right in the middle of the Mutant Massacre! Plus, DD's old flame the Black Widow returns — but will Matt seize a second chance at life with Karen Page instead? Meanwhile, Hell's Kitchen has more than its fair share of weird crime to fight — from fake Santas to voodoo practitioners to Caviar Killers. But with so many threats popping up, why is Daredevil trading blows with Black Panther and Wolverine? And can a billy club stand up to Adamantium claws?

COLLECTING: Daredevil (1964) 234-252

Marvel Big Books

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Menace Revealed Vol. 3 (Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: the Menace Revealed 3, 3) Paperback – August 2, 2022
by John Ostrander, Ryder Wyndham, Ron Marz, Davide Fabbri, Jan Duursema, Pop Mhan, Tom Fowler

The Stark Hyperspace War! The Jedi Council have revealed their role in a sensitive conflict from the past — but what role did Obi-Wan's recently deceased mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn, play? Meanwhile, Obi-Wan must confront his feelings about Qui-Gon's death if he is to train his own new apprentice, Anakin Skywalker! Elsewhere, the double-dealing Villie Grahrk boasts of a recent encounter with the Jedi Council — but will anyone believe him? Either way, Villie's path is about to cross with the Jedi again, as Aayla Secura reunites with her former teacher Quinlan Vos in their deadliest adventure yet! And legendary bounty hunters Zam Wesell and Jango Fett clash as they each try for the biggest score of their lives. Who will walk away? COLLECTING: Star Wars (1998) 36-45, Star Wars: Jedi Quest (2001) 1-4, Star Wars: Jango Fett (2002) 1, Star Wars: Zam Wesell (2002) 1

Marvel Big Books

King Conan Chronicles Epic Collection: Phantoms And Phoenixes Paperback – August 16, 2022
by Joshua Dysart, Tim Truman, Victor Gischler, Will Conrad, Tomas Giorello, Attila Futaki, Tone Rodriguez

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown! Conan has won the throne of the kingdom of Aquilonia — and the hand of a beautiful bride. Is it time for the Barbarian to lay down his sword? Don't count on it! Because when an evil sorcerer attacks, King Conan must strike back with all his might! Securing a crown is one thing, but holding onto it is a whole other challenge — especially with scheming conspirators in Conan's court! But the traitors may have chosen the wrong ally: Thoth-Amon! Plus, King Conan is haunted by the ghost of his first — and perhaps greatest — love! COLLECTING: Conan and the Midnight God (2007) 1-5, King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel (2011) 1-4, King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword (2012) 1-4, Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast (2012) 1-5, material from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (2006) 1

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The Mystery of the Black Panther Paperback – August 9, 2022
by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Together, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby redefined super heroes and started the Marvel revolution. There was nowhere they notched more innovative firsts than with the First Family of super heroes – the Fantastic Four. In the pages of this massive Epic Collection, the FF struggle to protect their own against the android army of the Mad Thinker; travel into the Microverse to save the Silver Surfer from the wrath of Galactus; journey to the Himalayan refuge of the Inhumans and venture into the depths of the Negative Zone. That's quite a trip, and that's not even the whole itinerary! They'll also witness the historic birth of Franklin Richards and engage Doctor Doom in a life-or-death epic battle in the heart of Latveria. COLLECTING: VOL. 5: FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) 68-87, ANNUAL (1963) 6; MATERIAL FROM NOT BRAND ECHH (1967) 6-7

Marvel Big Books

X-Men Epic Collection: Dissolution & Rebirth Paperback – August 23, 2022
by Chris Claremont , Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Rick Leonardi, Kieron M Dwyer

Outback – and out-gunned! The X-Men are brought to their lowest point as the team slowly breaks apart – but who will rise to take their place? When Nanny attacks the X-Men's Australian base, tragedy strikes for Storm! The cyborg Reavers take their revenge – and they've got brutal plans for Wolverine! The mystical Siege Perilous heralds a fresh start for the besieged mutants, but Psylocke will find herself transformed into the Mandarin's ninja assassin! Can Jubilee and a grievously injured Wolverine bring her back to the light? Meanwhile, a new team forms of Muir Island, but Legion's secret means tragedy for Freedom Force! Banshee and Forge begin a quest for the missing X-Men, but they'll encounter more than they expected! And the mutant thief Gambit makes his uncanny entrance! Superstar Jim Lee debuts for an X-citing new era! COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 248-267

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Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Annihilus Revealed Paperback – August 23, 2022
by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, John Buscema, Ross Andru, Rich Buckler, Ramona Fradon

Fantastic Four enters a new era as Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway take the reins. Thomas begins where it all began—with the Mole Man. This time, paired with Kala, Queen of the Netherworld, and topped off with a retelling of the FF's origin. The drama remains at its peak as the Human Torch's relationship with Crystal runs head on into Quicksilver. Meanwhile, the Frightful Four launch a surprise attack that pushes Reed and Sue to the breaking point. In the aftermath, Medusa will become the FF's newest member. Then, it's into the Negative Zone for the origin of Annihilus. Also featuring a new look for the Torch; classic battles with Thundra and the Hulk; the return of Doctor Doom; and the world's creepiest babysitter, Agatha Harkness. COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1961) 126-146, Annual (1963) 10 (cover only); Giant-Size Super-Stars (1974) 1; material from FOOM (1973) 1, 4, 5

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