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Mad Cave Studios Buys OGN Publisher Papercutz, Rex Ogle In Charge
Whether a child is a reluctant reader or reading well ahead of their peers, Papercutz can provide action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, scary stories, and of course, some of the most recognizable characters in the media." "Papercutz has been publishing incredible graphic novels for kids for 17 years, and Mad Cave already has an amazing readership in[...]
ABLAZE Announces August Comics and Graphic Novels
Howard Cimmerian graphic novels Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual Read the story as he intended! The Cimmerian Vol 4 includes two complete stories, "Beyond the Black River", and "Hour of the Dragon," plus bonus material, including the original prose stories, in one epic hardcover collection! Cover art: ABLAZE PROMETHEE 13:13 Issue 2 · MSRP: $3.99 · Available August 17th Promethee[...]
Corey Egbert To Adapt Jack Gantos's Joey Pigza At Graphic Novels
Publication of the first title, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, by editor Wesley Adams at publisher FSG will be in the spring of 2024. Corey Egbert To Adapt Jack Gantos' Joey Pigza At Graphic Novels Egbert posted to Facebook, saying "Some crazy big news I'm very excited and honored to have the opportunity to adapt @jgantos amazing[...]
Here are the top 400 ordered comic books and graphic novels through Diamond Comic Distributors for January 2022. Top 400 Ordered Comics/Graphic Novels Through Diamond In January 2022 Top 400 Ordered Comics Quantity Dollar Index Publication Price Publisher 1 1 604.75 SPAWN SCORCHED #1 $5.99 IMAGE COMICS 2 7 204.02 SAGA #55 (MR) $2.99 IMAGE COMICS 3 3 142.15 STRAY DOGS DOG DAYS #2 $4.99 IMAGE COMICS 4 5 120.38 NOCTERRA SPECIAL (MR) $3.99 IMAGE COMICS 5 11 110.92 GUNSLINGER SPAWN #4 $2.99 IMAGE COMICS 6 6 108.91 HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER #4 $3.99 BOOM! STUDIOS 7 14 102.61 KING SPAWN #6 $2.99 IMAGE COMICS 8 16 100.00 SPAWN[...]
Tapas Media Signs Graphic Novel Deal with Andrews McNeel Publishing
Andrews McNeel Publishing (AMP) has partnered with Tapas Media, the pioneer mobile storytelling platform with more than 10 million registered users, for a multi-book deal to present a line of smart, entertaining graphic novels featuring strong female and underrepresented characters at their centre This makes sense since Tapas Media's digital comics have a large female,[...]
Florida Polk County Schools Pull Raina Telgemeier's Drama From Shelves
Polk County in Florida is the latest to be subject to banning of the critically acclaimed bestselling graphic novels from schools, part of a series of such exclusions in recent years that Bleeding Cool has covered Polk County Public Schools Superintendent Frederick Heid has asked middle and high school librarians to remove 16 books from[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
They are all the first, second and third best-selling graphic novels on Amazon, with the box-set in fifth place. And all because a school board in McMinn County, Tennessee unanimously voted to remove Maus, the only graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize for literature, from the high school language arts curriculum, citing concerns over profanity[...]
TKO Studios Inks Distribution Deal with Simon & Schuster
to manage their worldwide trade book sales and retail distribution for the publisher's eclectic catalog starting from February 1st, 2022. TKO Studios logo TKO Studios publishes comics, graphic novels, and literature by a critically acclaimed array of creators, authors, and artists Notable TKO titles include DJELIYA, by Juni Ba, THE BANKS by N.Y Times bestselling author Roxane Gay[...]
The Vote To Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus From Classrooms
I wonder why? Well, it's all thanks to a school board in McMinn County, Tennessee which unanimously voted to remove Maus, the only graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize for literature, from the language arts curriculum, citing concerns over profanity and female nudity. Bleeding Cool has been covering a number of graphic novels that have[...]
Adult Graphic Novels Sales More Than Doubled In Bookstores In 2021
With The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy from 2019 still topping the list,  selling around 955,000 copies, just shy of a million, two years after it was first published. While a 9.5% increase in juvenile fiction sales was led by Dav Pilkey's superhero graphic novel Dog Man: Mothering Heights published[...]
Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
But, with the New Year upon us, they are making an appeal to their most basic of missions, defending Free Speech and fighting censorship in the United States Of America, when it comes to comic books. The official logo of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund As we approach the new year, attacks on comics are intensifying. In[...]
Indiana School Shuts Down Over V For Vendetta Protest
It included a number of graphic novels, featured on Bleeding Cool, including V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd The comic book tells the story of an England under the boot of a media-driven and police-imposed fascist dictatorship, written in the early eighties and inspired by the Thatcher government of the day Last[...]
TKO Signs Deal With New Regency to Develop Graphic Novels for Film, TV
TKO Studios, the indie publisher of a number of eclectic titles, has signed a development deal with New Regency to develop its graphic novels into film and television projects Under the terms of the deal, New Regency will have the right to exclusively develop television projects from TKO Studios' expansive library of IP TKO's Salvatore[...]