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The Weirn: Be Wary of The Woods Is A Fun Return to The Weirn World

Svetlana Chmokova on The Weirn Books: Be Wary of the Woods

She has authored the Nightschool fantasy graphic novels for teens as part of her Weirn Books series, and the wonderful Awkward books about middle-schoolers  Yen Press has just published her new Weirn Books series, this time aimed at middle-schoolers The Weirn Books: Be Wary of The Woods is a new series about supernatural kids who[...]

25 More Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Top Amazon Chart

25 More Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Top Amazon Chart

It takes until you get to the 28th position for George Takei's They Called Us Enemy and 29th position for John Lewis' March graphic novels.We ran a list of 35 suggested graphic novels and non-fiction addressing racial issues directly, rather than just through allegory, with significant contribution by POC creators We gave March and They Called Us Enemy as[...]

35 Black and Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Be In Amazon's Chart

35 Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Top Amazon Chart

It takes until you get to the 15th position and then 25th position on the chart to get to John Lewis' March graphic novels, while George Takei's They Called Us Enemy is at 38th right now Maus and Persepolis are barely even in the top 100 So here are a few suggested graphic novels and[...]

Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist - Review

Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist – Review

Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist is the second graphic novel in Jason Platt's popular Middle School Misadventures graphic novel series. It follows the antics of middle-schooler Newell and where his hyperactive imagination takes him and his loyal friends. In Operation: Hat Heist, Newell has his favourite hat stolen. It's not just any old hat, […]

Jason Platt Talks Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist!

Jason Platt Talks Middle School Misadventures: Operation: Hat Heist!

The second Middle School Misadventures graphic novel Operation: Hat Heist follows middle schooler Newell and his friends trying to steal back his favourite hat – the same hat worn by his TV hero – so he can wear it to meet his hero at a con. Crazy slapstick hijinks ensue. Creator Jason Platt, a member […]

New York Times Bestseller Lists For Graphic Novels in April and May

The list is based on a proprietary method that uses sales figures, other data and internal guidelines that are unpublished—how the New York Times compiles the list is a trade secret.Here are their latest monthly charts for graphic novels covering April and May Though you may be hard-pressed to tell the difference from month to[...]

Gotham High | Official Trailer

Graphic Novels Sales Up 43% in Bookstores, During Diamond Shutdown

But the graphic novel sector did pretty well too, with graphic novel sales jumping 43% on the previous week, and a similar amount on the same week last year.[caption id="attachment_1186094" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Graphic Novels Sales Up 43% in Bookstores, During Diamond Shutdown Art from DC.[/caption]Bookstores appear to have remained open moreso than comic book stores[...]


Succubishez's Michelle Lam Sells Meesh the Bad Demon For 6 Figures

And she has now just sold two debut print graphic novels to Marisa DiNovis at Knopf, starting a new middle-grade graphic novel series starring her character Meesh the Bad Demon, a regular star of Succubishez, including some rather unforgettable advice about dealing with UTIs Back then she wrote,It’s always been easier to tell stories to my closest[...]

Maxwell Eaton III Survival Scout

Maxwell Eaton III Creates A New Survival Scout Series of Graphic Novels

Maxwell Eaton III is an author and illustrator of dozens of books for children, including The Truth About… animals series. He has created a new graphic novel series Survival Scout, a nonfiction middle-grade graphic novel series in which a girl repeatedly (and somehow humorously) escapes natural and human-caused disasters with carefully detailed survival skills, a […]

"Space Battle Lunchtime" Being Adapted to a Card Game!

"Space Battle Lunchtime" Being Adapted to a Card Game!

Get ready, people of Earth, because the graphic novel Space Battle Lunchtime is being adapted in the form of a new card game! Based on an Oni Press graphic novel of the same name by Natalie Riess, Space Battle Lunchtime follows a similar plot to the graphic novel. Players will compete in an intergalactic television show […]

Random House Announces Slate for Launch of Kids Graphic Novel Imprint

Random House Announces Launch Slate for New Kids Graphic Novel Imprint

At RH Graphic, we are committed to championing the creativity and diversity of our authors by developing high-quality, unforgettable books."The first four graphic novels will begin rolling out in 2020, beginning with The Runaway Princess by Johan Troïanowski, hitting stores on January 21th.This princess can’t resist the lure of adventure, but her parents aren’t quite[...]

'Utopia': Felisha Terrell, Dustin Ingram Join Amazon's Gillian Flynn Conspiracy-Thriller Series

Felisha Terrell (Shooter) and Watchmen's Dustin Ingram are set to recur in Gone Girl author-screenwriter Gillian Flynn's upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of British series Utopia, joining a cast that includes John Cusack (High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Sasha Lane (American Honey), Javon "Wanna" Walton (Euphoria), and Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day 2U). With Flynn serving as the project's creator, […]

'Watchmen': Ozymandias Typing? Regina King Glaring? Don Johnson Concerned? [VIDEO]

After weeks of vague, brief teases usually posted on the show's Instagram account or wedged in the middle of the cable giant's epic "Coming Soon" videos, HBO released an official teaser for Damon Lindelof's fully, completely, 106.3% authorized "remix" of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' 1986 comic book series Watchmen (which you can check out below). Clearing things ever so slightly […]

Lisa Y Wu and Joe Illidge Hired in Senior Roles at A Wave Blue World Comics

Their gifts are precisely what we need for marshaling our collective resources towards a future where we can each do what we do best to create visionary comics and graphic novels of exceptional quality and deliver them to new audiences.”Here's a look at the rest of the crew.. from left to right, Eryk Donovan, Robert[...]


The Umbrella Academy's Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá Talk Netflix Series, More Graphic Novels

With Netflix's series adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's graphic novel series The Umbrella Academy set to make its dysfunctional debut next month, the creators updated fans on how they coordinated storylines between the comics and the television series - and gave graphic novels fans an answer to how long they see the series running[...]

Catwoman #1 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred

Top 500 Most-Ordered Comics and Graphic Novels in July 2018

You can see similar for Old Man Hawkeye #7.TOP 500 COMIC BOOKSBased on Total Unit Sales and Dollars Raised of Products Invoiced in July 2018QtyRank RetailRank Index DESC_1 SRP VendName1 1 100.00 BATMAN #50 $4.99 DC2 2 65.58 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 $5.99 MAR3 3 37.98 CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 $4.99 MAR4 4 30.66 DOOMSDAY CLOCK #6 $4.99 DC5 5 30.33 SUPERMAN #1 $3.99 DC6 8 27.46 CATWOMAN #1 $3.99 DC7 6 25.85 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 $3.99 MAR8 9 25.30 BATMAN #51 $3.99 DC9 7 21.30 X-23 #1 $4.99 MAR10 10 20.94 COSMIC GHOST RIDER #1 $3.99 MAR11 14 18.30 JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 $3.99 DC12 15 18.00 ACTION COMICS #1001 $3.99 DC13 16 17.47 JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 $3.99 DC14 12 16.85 LIFE OF CAPTAIN[...]

Syfy's 'Deadly Class' Enrolls Chicago P.D.'s Mick Betancourt as Co-Showrunner, EP

With their adaptation of Rick Remender and Wes Craig's critically acclaimed Image Comics graphic novel series Deadly Class set to open its doors for enrollment in 2019, Syfy has announced that Chicago P.D.'s Mick Betancourt is transferring onto the project as both co-showrunner and executive producer. Adapted for television by Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott (American […]