New Warriors Join the Fascist Side of Civil War 3: Outlawed in New Series by Daniel Kibblesmith and Luciano Vecchio

Marvel is teen-crazy today, announcing yet another series starring young heroes and spinning out of the upcoming Outlawed one-shot which sees the government outlaw underage superheroes. We've just learned of new Champions and Power Pack series. And now, the House of Ideas worked with compliant media partner and access journalism stalwart Syfy Wire on an EX-X-XCLUSIVE announcement that Daniel Kibblesmith and Luciano Vecchio will launch a New Warriors series in April. The book will feature a mostly classic lineup, though don't ask us how the New Warriors aren't all middle-aged by this point in Marvel history.

No solicit was revealed in the article, though Kibblesmith did share some insight into the concept:

It's tough out there for a teen hero. Without giving too much away, the New Warriors have chosen a side, and they're recruiting unaffiliated new New Warriors to come in from the cold and get proper hero training. So we get to see all our old favorite buddies, but also a new team of heroes that we want to feel as modern and immediate as the New Warriors felt in 1990, when they're literally bursting through old comics on their first cover as if to say, "Throw these old comics in the trash where they belong, it is the '90s now."

So it looks like things have come full circle for the New Warriors, who caused the first Civil War event over a decade ago through irresponsible superheroing, but are now siding with the government in attempting to force underage superheroes to register with the government. For shame, New Warriors.

Check out some covers and art below.


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