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Valiant High #1 cover by David LaFuente and Brian Reber

Valiant High #1 Advance Review: A Too-Conventional Superhero High School Dramedy

What if the Valiant Universe took place in a high school? What if all the heroes were students, with Bloodshot as the coach, Dr. Mirage as a teacher, and Harada as the principal? What if Livewire were just an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers just trying to survive the experience? That's the starting point of […]

Quantum and Woody #5 cover by Michael Walsh

Quantum and Woody #5 Review: Family Bonding and Destroying Landmarks

After some reflection and convincing from Quantum, Negative One frees Eric and decides to help the heroic duo to save the world from Kid Tesla. Elsewhere, Woody is getting drunk with his biological dad, but, in his inebriated state, Woody's father let's slip more details about why he really reached out to his estranged son. […]

harbinger wars 2 cover, Valiant Entertainment July 2018 Solicits

Search for Rome's Lost Eagles in Valiant Entertainment's July 2018 Solicits

Enter Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome this July with creators Peter Milligan and Robert Gill. This comes through Valiant Entertainment along with their regular releases such as Ninja-K, X-O Manowar, an Archer and Armstrong collection, Shadowman, and Quantum and Woody. Full solicit details below. BRITANNIA: LOST EAGLES OF ROME #1 (of 4) Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art by ROBERT GILL Cover A by CARY NORD Cover B […]

Quantum + Woody #4 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Quantum and Woody #4 Review: The Electric Heart of the Issue

Quantum and Woody finally arrive in Australia with Negative One and Thedge. They are taken to the latter's employer underneath the Sydney Opera House and find an old rival waiting for them. While Quantum tries to plan an escape, Woody is taken to meet his birth father. Woody and Rutherford van Chelton have a lot […]

Valiant Entertainment June 2018 Solicits

Harbinger Wars II Rages on and X-O Manowar Joins the Fight: Valiant Entertainment June 2018 Solicits

Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine's Harbinger Wars II sees X-O Manowar join the battle, and Daniel Kibblesmith and Derek Charm see Valiant High continue its semester. All of that, plus Shadowman, Ninja-K, and Bloodshot: Salvation. Valiant Entertainment is bringing these out this June. Details below. HARBINGER WARS 2 #2 (of 4) Written by MATT KINDT Art by TOMÁS GIORELLO Cover A by J.G. JONES Cover B by MICO […]

Quantum and Woody #3 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Quantum and Woody #3 Review: Emotional Sincerity in a Sea of Cynicism

The story of the goat revealed! We relive the time that Quantum and Woody stood witness to an energy recreation of their father, Derek. The catch is that he will dissipate in three days. Quantum/Eric elects to try and find a way to save Derek. Woody decides to party with his father for his last […]

Quantum and Woody #2 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Quantum and Woody #2 Review: Delivers on its Promises

A peer into their childhood shows the early struggles of Quantum and Woody, and a jump into the more recent past shows the cause of their failed partnership. In the present, Negative One reveals her plans to Woody and how they will lead him into conflict with his brother. We also learn what exactly Quantum/Eric's […]

Quantum and Woody #1 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Quantum & Woody! #1 Review: Odd Couple Superhero Team

Woody is the adopted brother of Eric Henderson. The two were friends as children, Woody being the more charismatic girl-chaser, and Eric being the nerdier and more responsible one. As adults, they became a hero team: Quantum and Woody. After a while, Quantum was approached by government agents for a job. Some time after, the […]

The World's Worst Super Team Returns With Quantum + Woody On-Going Series

The world's worst superhero team returns in time for Christmas as Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano team to bring us the new Quantum + Woody on-going series. And yes, the goat is coming back too. The adopted brothers aren't talking, but they still need to klank their wristbands together every 24 hours or disappear from existence. […]

The Minds Behind The Doorman – A New Series From Heavy Metal

It's always fun coming across a new comic, one that isn't from the big companies but gets your attention and makes you want to tell your friends about it. There is a new book coming out from Heavy Metal called the Doorman and I spoke with writer/creator Daniel Kibblsemith (The Late Show), artist/creator Kendall Goode, […]