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David Tennant, New Warriors, Jack Black & More: TV Pilot Confidential
NBC, I'm glad you realized Fogelman's genius eventually, but you mean to tell me Nielsen could have been on my television every week, but you blew it? Surely you can't be serious… New Warriors promo art (TV Image: Freeform) "New Warriors" Now, this is the most recent on the list and probably the only one that would have[...]
Is This a Sign That Werewolf By Night Will Be Published by Marvel?
Might the comic book be joining it? And if Werewolf By Night #1 is out in October, maybe the other Outlawed books – New Warriors, Power Pack, Ms Marvel and more – might be joining it? One conservative comic book retailer has already ordered 500 copies of New Warriors and he'd like to get his hands[...]
Marvel Comics Collections Reveal Details Of What Would Have Been
is hot on their trail – and there's a spy in their midst! As protests break out across Chicago, the Champions risk their freedom to restore order – but why has Chicago's hometown hero Ironheart abandoned the Champions? COLLECTING: OUTLAWED (2020) 1, CHAMPIONS (2020) 1-5 New Warriors: New is the New Old Daniel Kibblesmith, Luciano Vecchio, R.B[...]
Marvel August 2020 Full Solicitations
But this is where we are for now. The Punisher Vs Barracuda Werewolf By Night Children Of The Atom Spider-Man Noir Gwen Stacy Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Bugle Web of Venom: Wraith Strikeforce Runaways Aero Sword Master Valkyrie: Jane Foster Morbius Black Panther Falcon & Winter Soldier Doctor Doom Nebula Atlantis Attacks Immortal Hulk: Threshing Place Savage Avengers Marvel The Marvels Empyre: Spider–Man Lords Of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling Marvel Zombies: Resurrection Marvel Tales: The Original Marvel Zombies Magnificent Ms Marvel Black Widow Black Widow:[...]
A Date For Empyre #1 But No New Warriors in Marvel July 2020 Schedule
No sign of the launches for Union, Power Pack, Champions or Children Of The Atom. So while we get a date for Empyre #1 – and for #2 and for #3 in July, there is no news on the Outlawed comic book event line, including the much-anticipated-for-whatever-reason New Warriors #1 But there is a launch for[...]
Yesterday, without any competition, the New Warriors story topped the traffic charts, ahead of Poison Ivy, Faithless and Batman Larry may well have a point Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive t as an e-mail[...]
Joe Rogan Learns About the Most SJW Comic Book Ever Made
Marvel Comics is still planning publishing New Warriors, a five-issue mini-series written by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert writer and producer Daniel Kibblesmith The team is made up of all new heroes with a diverse range of backgrounds, including two called Safespace and Snowflake For some people this is the worst thing in the[...]
BARRACUDA #1 TRUE BELIEVERS: BLACK WIDOW & DAREDEVIL #1 TRUE BELIEVERS: BLACK WIDOW & THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 The last two weeks of April included Children Of The Atom #1, Empyre #1, Cable #2, New Warriors #1, Hellions #2, Star Wars #5, X-Factor #1, X-Men #10 and more.  Look for them to be scheduled in the second half[...]
Wanted: Previews Of New Warriors, Champions and Power Pack Outlawed Marvel Launches
This week's Marvel Comics titles listed ads for upcoming tie-ins to the Outlawed event, with ads for the launch of Champions, Power Pack and tie-in comics Ms Marvel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. But Bleeding Cool has a few pages from them to share… first from the Outlawed launch of New Warriors, which includes a very new and[...]