The "I'm Not Buying This For A Second" Death In Secret Empire #7 (SPOILERS)

It's one thing to have a death scene in an event comic book. These deaths have a tendency to last longer than most. Goliath is still dead from Civil War. Professor Xavier is only just making his way out of Avengers Vs X-Men. Okay Hulk, from Civil War II is getting a quicker turnaround than most, but some significant superhero death in a major event has a certain amount of sticking power.

But the one in today's Secret Empire #7 that has been causing much fuss is a little on the dubious side.

So. We see the Black Widow get a full-skull blow from Captain America and a head-slam that results. And the reaction from Captain America, Spider-Man, Sharon Carter and Hawkeye that would seem to suggest that Natasha is a goner.

secret empire

Although no pulse is taken. No official statement is made. And it all could just be rumour and innuendo.

Also, in a few panels previous, the Punisher had this to say:

So even the comic book is raising the possibility that everyone will just be raised from the dead, cosmic cube style. When the characters don't believe it, why should the readers?

Secret Empire #7 by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino and Rod Reis is published today.

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