Infinity #1 Brings Us Time, Space, Power, Mind, Soul And Reality – As Well As Plugs For Orbital Comics

Regular readers of Bleeding Cool will know that our Wednesday morning comics coverage brings with it plugs for Orbital Comics of London, who very kindly provide us with plenty of comics to write about.

IMG_0018But it's rare that that actual comics we cover join in on the act. Until today, with Infinity #1.

A number of Marvel comics have played around with designed chapters and titles, which have the added benefit of extending page count without the cost of creating original comic book art. And Infinity #1 is no exception. We ran another yesterday, but there are nine such pages in total in this fifty-four pages story (and some of them you'll also recognise from FCBD).

It also sets out the structure rather well, a favourite obsession with Hickman, laying out the different factions that will play out in Infinity, both in theme and location. On earth, as it is in heaven, with Builders, Avengers, Inhumans, Space Knights, X-Men, the Illuminati, SWORD, Thanos and a variety of alien races.

So, there is Stuff Going On. There are Secrets Of The Inhumans which seem to be of interest to Thanos, beyond the usual Infinity Gems quest. It looks like, as with SHIELD, Jonathan Hickman has an ache to rewrite, uncover, excavate hidden histories of the Marvel Universe, and we may be looking an Days Of Inhuman Past.


So there is Time. There is also Space.


So awesome indeed. Note how wonderfully Jim Cheung's lines sell those lines. But the art throughout is crisp, impactful and pretty damn gorgeous. There are plenty of exchanges of Power…


… invasions of Mind..


…challenges of Soul..


…and questions of Reality.


The Infinity Gems seem to be embedded, not in a gauntlet, but in the story itself. And it all comes down to a big purple guy with a smile…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who are launching a Kick Ass pop up event at The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton this Saturday. More shops should do this.





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