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Jim Cheung Draws DC Comics Superheroes For British Royal Mail Stamps
British comic book creator Jim Cheung and colourist Laura Martin have drawn 18 new stamps for British Royal Mail featuring DC Comics superheroes, villains, and allies Special gift items from the Royal Mail also include first-day cover editions postmarked to Gotham in Nottinghamshire or Justice Town in Carlisle, both real places, if that is what[...]
Spawn's Universe #1 To Debut Big New Spawn Villains
Here's one, with Todd saying "NEW SPAWN UNIVERSE MEANS NEW VILLAINS! Nuff' said." And here's another: The return of Cy-Gor with a page by Jim Cheung. And the return of Cogliostro, with Todd saying "FRIEND OR FOE?! Up until now, we've never quite known where Cog stands On the side of GOOD or EVIL? BUT with the expansion[...]
Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1 Celebrates Asian Superheroes and Creators
This book proves it." "Jubilation Lee was an important character for me growing up as an Asian American kid in the 90s, so it's an incredible feeling knowing that I've been able to directly contribute to the development of her character and history," Strain said. MARVEL'S VOICES: IDENTITY #1 Written by GENE LUEN YANG, CHRISTINA STRAIN, GREG PAK,[...]
The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey Kickstarter Launches This Week
After talking with the amazing group of people helping me with this campaign, Geof Darrow, Allan Dorison, Jim Cheung, David Soto, and Lisa Y Wu, through our Stretch Goals, we'll be donating money to small businesses in Chinatown New York I'll quite literally be walking into small businesses and handing over $250 in cash to X amount based off of the[...]
Written by Todd, with Spawn art by Jim Cheung, Gunslinger Spawn by Brett Booth, She-Spawn by Marcio Takara and Medieval Spawn by Stephen Segovia His plan is to build a bigger multi-character, interconnected comic book universe based around monthly comic book Spawn, spinning off new titles King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and Scorched in 2021. Spawn's Universe[...]
Marvel Announce Marvel's Voices: Pride #1
Plus, writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung make their long-awaited return to Marvel Comics with a new chapter in the love story of their hit creations: Wiccan and Hulkling! MARVEL VOICES: PRIDE #1 will also revisit some of Marvel's groundbreaking moments and explore the history of LGBTQ+ inclusion and storytelling at Marvel Comics. "When I[...]
John Cassaday, Pepe Larraz, Peach Momoko Recreate Captain America
These definitive comic book stories will be presented in an all-new way in a star-studded special that will delight long-time True Believers and the current generation of Marvel fans! The comic will include artwork by John Cassaday, Marguerite Sauvage, David Lapham, Declan Shalvey, Perf Pérez, Salvador Larroca, Leinil Francis Yu, Valerio Schiti, Carlos Pacheco, Inhyuk Lee,[...]
Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Adam Hughes Cover Detective Comics #1027
We looked at the first five covers to Detective Comics #1027 on Bleeding Cool the other day, as we pointed out that the next Batman event to follow Joker War and Death Metal will begin in the extra-long issue, and that it also confirms the cancellation of the Generations series with this prebiew as at[...]
Artists Named for Marvel Comics' Incoming #1 Anthology
Ewing, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates & Jason Aaron. But only a mention of Jim Cheung and Humberto Ramos as artists on the book Could they really be drawing all of the 80 pages by themselves? No. Today, Marvel told retailers the full list of pencillers working on[...]
As designed (over Cheung's art) by Dynamite Creative Director Cathy Heard.   JAMES BOND #1 (W) Vita Ayala, Danny Lore (A) Eric Gapstur (CA) Jim Cheung New series, new team, new missions! VITA AYALA (Morbius, Age Of X-Man), DANNY LORE (Queen Of Bad Dreams) and ERIC GAPSTUR (James Bond 007) present a fresh take on the world's greatest secret[...]
Justice League #7 cover by Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, and Mark Morales
Aquaman and Wonder Woman are Barry's first and only line of defense. Justice League #7 cover by Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, and Mark Morales Justice League #7 brings the climax to this first story arc of Scott Snyder's book Everything is on the line as the League stands against the Legion of Doom and their machinations. It's an[...]
Justice League #1 cover by Jim Cheung and Laura Martin
Martian Manhunter is the new chairman and keeps the team linked telepathically as they halt a sudden attack from Neanderthal-like creatures across the world. Justice League #1 cover by Jim Cheung and Laura Martin Justice League #1 by Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, and Tomeu Morey is everything I could have hoped it would be This[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, June 6th, 2018: New Age of Justice and Hulks
The Emerald Archer receives another writer shift with Mairghread Scott and Matthew Scott. Green Lanterns #48 cover by Paul Pelletier, Danny Miki, and Adriano Lucas Green Lanterns #48 The Green Lantern Corps fears for the possibilities that lie in the ring of Jessica Cruz and are bringing her in to investigate. Justice League #1 cover by Jim Cheung Justice League #1 This one I'm[...]
Marvel Two-in-One #6 cover by Jim Cheung and Frank Martin
Can what's left of this world's heroes stop this nightmarish fate from coming to pass? Marvel Two-in-One #6 cover by Jim Cheung and Frank Martin I won't mince words; this comic is awesome Marvel Two-in-One #6 starts with a simplistically brilliant threat with the Doctor Doom/Galactus attack and just does the coolest things one could think of[...]