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Inhumans Leader Responds to Claims Group Are "Second-Rate X-Men"
Inhumans leader Black Bolt responded to claims that the group are little more than "second-rate X-Men" by exposing his dog's butthole on during a State of the Moon address on Friday Bringing the pooch to the podium, King Black bolt hoisted Lockjaw in the air, flipped him over, and waved his rear end around to[...]
Gil Kane Original Art Cover To Inhumans #1 Up For Auction
The Inhumans got their first comic book series in 10975, spinning out of their appearances in The Fantastic Four And the original art to that first cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia is up for auction from ComicConnect, going under the hammer later today Currently, it has 18 bids of up to $60,000 and[...]
American Gods continued its Season 3 profiles (Image: STARZ)
We're talking about Iwan Rheon's (Game of Thrones, InHumans) Liam Doyle. American Gods continued its Season 3 profiles (Image: STARZ) Unlike Mad Sweeney, Rheon's Doyle is a charming, good-natured leprechaun who once embraced his stereotypical Lucky Charms-St Paddy's Day image and stereotypes Now, he looks to travel down a path to a more dignified and honorable existence (and[...]
American Gods continued its Season 3 profiles (Image: STARZ)
But while he may not be able to escape being a god, only he can decide the god he wants to be. American Gods continued its Season 3 profiles (Image: STARZ) This time around, we get a looks at Iwan Rheon's (Game of Thrones, InHumans) Liam Doyle A charming, good-natured leprechaun who used to live the "Lucky Charms[...]
Its Inhumans Vs. X-Men In The Latest Marvel Future Fight Update
A new update has dropped into Marvel Future Fight this week as the X-Men are going up against one of their biggest challenges in the Inhumans You're getting a few cool additions with this one as the game will being in new characters and uniforms that are inspired by Marvel's Inhumans Vs X-Men storyline happening[...]
The Asgardians & Inhumans Come Together In "Marvel Strike Force"
The latest update to Marvel Strike Force will bring in both the Inhumans and the Asgardians as they partner up for the latest adventure Four new characters join the fray as you will get Sif, Black Bolt, Heimdall, and Yo-Yo There isn't much else to the update other than you're getting these new characters added[...]
Black Bolt & Lockjaw Return From Attilan With A New Mezco Figure
There was a time where the Inhumans were Marvel's main priority but it seems that they have all up and vanished again However, Mezco Toyz has announced a Black Bolt and a Lockjaw One:12 collectible figure set Lockjaw features a new light-up ability or his centerpiece on his head, lights up Lockjaw is packed with[...]
Adam McKay Was Asked to Direct GotG Vol 3, Wants to Make Silver Surfer Movie
And then there is the realization that he was originally going to direct the Inhumans movie, which eventually became the short-lived ABC tv series. Filmmaker Adam McKayPhoto by Kathy Hutchins / That's not even the truly crazy part- on a recent stop by the Happy Sad Confused podcast, McKay revealed that what he REALLY wants to[...]
Black Bolt Has Just One Scream Left in Next Week's Death of the Inhumans Finale
After a failed attempt to get readers to accept them as a replacement for the X-Men, Marvel has finally given up and decided to kill off the Inhumans in the aptly-titled Death of the Inhumans mini-series by global entertainment superstar Donny Cates and artist Ariel Olivetti We've already seen the deaths of Lockjaw, Maximus, Crystal, and[...]
Death of the Inhumans #3 cover by Kaare Andrews
He finds another familiar face being tormented by this Kree faction, and he has an unspeakable choice to make. Death of the Inhumans #3 cover by Kaare Andrews Death of the Inhumans #3 continues to both up the ante and improve upon the shaky first issue that had me lamenting the series While the cynicism behind deciding[...]
Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto
After that brawl, Daredevil goes to Frank McGee for help from the Inhumans. Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto I can't say I was expecting the return of Mike Murdock anytime soon. That's not a complaint; Mike Murdock is an appreciably ridiculous and fun part of Matt Murdock's vigilante career Daredevil #607 brings him back in a surprisingly[...]
Daredevil #606 cover by Phil Noto
We get to see Matty tangling with Hammerhead and nail guns, and we get to see the return of some solid characters from Soule's own Inhumans titles This one is worth a read Check it out. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Hammerhead attempts to rob a bank in midtown, and Daredevil arrives to stop it[...]
Death of the Inhumans #2 cover by Kaare Andrews
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Inhumans are reeling from the massacre at New Arctilan None is more shaken than the Silent King himself, Black Bolt He is tallying the lost while preparing for the parley with the Kree responsible for the atrocity He sends Karnak out to Hala first to survey the field and take stock of the[...]