Ooh, That's A Point, It Couldn't Be The Reckoning War, Could It?

We've been expecting news of The Ultron War for a while now, following Avengers Vs X-Men, and using the dredges of Bryan Hitch's contract with Marvel to finish the pages. And when Marvel started posting images tagged with #thisiswar, for many people, including this site, this was a natural progression.

But Comics Alliance's David Uzumeri makes a very good point on Twitter. Explaining why it's in the Sunday Spider-Man panel. I presumed it was the last big Marvel panel of the weekend. But what if, as he suggests, it's The Reckoning War?

For the last seven years or so, in almost every Marvel comic book he can, Dan Slott has been dropping references to something in the future of the Marvel Universe called The Reckoning War, that seems to involve The Watcher, the Fantastic Four, Gauntlet, Iron Man, Southpaw and many more.

In She Hulk, we discovered, from the Time Variance Authority, that an action by She Hulk would lead to The Reckoning War. And that this was a bad thing. It would devastate not only the Earth but the whole cosmos. Marvel people have told me that Slott has tried to get this plot to finally occur for some time.

After a successful run on Amazing Spider-Man that has, for many people, turned the tanker around… could this be that moment, at long long last? His reward? His final reckoning?

Let's find out at San Diego Comic Con…

Say, could it involve the Alpha Universe from She-Hulk, as teased by a previous Marvel post, announcing Alpha as a new Amazing Spider-Man character?

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