Agent Provocateur Comic Book – Superheroines Who Wear Their Underwear On The Outside

The sexually explicit lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur has decided to throw its hands in the air and join geekdowm with a superhero-themed photoshoot and a spin off comic book.



ap6Oh yes, and there's a comic book, like I said. Which seems to double as a catalogue. Very clever there. Created by Marvel/DC artist Staz Johnson, what's the plot behind the comic? Is there one?

At some point in the future an exclusive organisation of women conclude that man has ruined Earth and decide to leave for the stars. Finding a suitable planet, they establish an all female utopia and call it Voluptura. Their society thrives in peace and isolation for nearly a thousand years. However, there is a flaw – each generation is born in vitro-fertilisation, the eggs have been fertilised from a store of male sperm. This supply of sperm had run out many hundreds of years ago and therefore had been artificially replicated.

ap1Now, however, the DNA has begun to breakdown giving rise to serious genetic flaws. The Council of Matriarchs concludes that action must be taken and decides to send an elite crew of 17 genetically enhanced superwomen – APEX (AGENT PROVOCATEUR ELITE XEMPLAR) back to Earth to obtain fresh DNA.

The APEX travel cross the cosmos in their starship, the 'AP THRUST 1' and land on their home world to discover a very different world than their history logs state. Earth has become a vast industrialised world, filled with giant factories and sprawling, towering cities on a planet mostly covered by sea.

The world is run by one government – 'The Regime' the head of which is an evil individual known as 'Mother'. They control every aspect of people's lives. There is no war as there are no longer any nations. Everyone works for the greater good of a strict and structured society with rigid views on morality. Sex is for procreation only!

And when exactly did Heavy Metal reject this strip? Here are some scans – for research purposes only of course.


The first issue of The New World Order, comic catalogue is called Mission to Earth and subsequent issues will be published later this year. The Telegraph newspaper describes the new collection;

Fantasy themes and cut-out bodysuits aside, the collection is actually very wearable. Chantilly lace and silks lend a luxurious feel, and tricky cup-less bras are for once few and far between.

Expect lots of comic artists to be buying them for… reference. Scotland On Sunday quotes author Linda Watson Brown as saying;

You would be surprised how many of us middle-aged-frumps have Wonder Woman fantasies… and there's always the hope that the men in our lives will turn into chiselled saviours of the world as soon as we slip into a couple of nipple tassels and a G-string.

PR director Jane Morris says;

There are always going to be people who are upset about anything even as soft as the Wonderbra advert. Whenever we do a new campaign there are always one or two who say that it's far too overt. But we don't think we portray women in a victimised fashion. They're never lying there waiting to get ravaged – they're the ones doing the ravaging.

Wearing this underwear makes you feel confident, and confidence is sexy; it's an empowering thing and that makes you feel like a superhero.

And if nothing else, this will be one hell of a gift to cosplayers… and those who take photos of them. Let's all watch the video;

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