Amazon Gets Price Checked By The Comic Bug

Amazon Gets Price Checked By The Comic BugAmazon has a Price Check App, allowing customers to scan the bar codes of items in stores and then buy them from Amazon there and then, rather than the retailer. Naturally, this is not popular with many shops.

Well, Mike Wellman of The Comic Bug of Manhattan Beach, California is swiping back. And calling on other retailers to join him.

For the month of January, Comic Bug is promising to price match, while reminding people of the benefits, social, cultural, economical and environmental, of shopping local.

"That's the beauty and the power that an independent shop has over faceless entities like Amazon or even corporate chains like Barnes & Noble. We can respond to pricing trends AND offer the complete shopping experience! If Amazon wants to sell a $20.00 graphic novel for $9.99, fine! We can play that game. But we're not gonna charge you shipping or make you pay for a "Prime" membership. You get to walk out of the store with the book in hand, and enjoy instant gratification!" says Michael Wellman.

They will, however,  charge the sales tax that Amazon doesn't. The shop's co-owner Jun Goeky says "It's ridiculous and un-American if you ask me. Sales tax goes back into the community and helps pay for everything from school teachers to paving the roads. How can a business threaten to leave the state when asked to do what every other business does every day? Amazon might have great prices, but at some point you have to ask yourself 'at what cost?'"

Apparently, with great power, great responsibility does not always come…

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