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FEVIL_Cv3_ft1xszxtxe_This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

DC Comics this week? Takes the top three and seven of the top ten… and note the continued success of East of West

  1. Forever Evil #3
  2. Batman Superman #5
  3. Superman Unchained #4
  4. Amazing X Men #1
  5. Detective Comics #25
  6. Green Lantern #25
  7. The Star Wars #3
  8. East Of West #5
  9. Earth 2 #17
  10. Action Comics #25

Thanks to these following retailers;

And here's what they had to say!

It's shaping up to be a strange week, with Wednesday sales/deposits up 70% above average, while Thursday was 40% below. I don't know whether I should be looking forward to or dreading the Friday-Saturday numbers.

You know it's a small week for comics when something from the previous week makes the Top 10….

Our numbers for Protectors Inc. are probably extra high because we had J. Michael Straczynski in for a signing Wednesday, which also boosted Ten Grand numbers (and also probably overlapped with Trillium readers as well).

I was expecting Amazing X-Men #1 to do higher but maybe the word isn't out yet. recent Marvel Now #1s have had long legs and continue to sell months later.

Marvel pretty much took the week off and gave DC the easy win.

No fuss over Captain Marvel #17, we still have copies for sale. Hinterkind #2 has sold more copies than #1. East West #5 sold poorly back in August and our orders for #'s 6 & 7 were lowered to meet our sales of #5. Since the trade was released, we've had an increase in demand for #6 and #7 has sold out far too quick.

Guardians of the Galaxy back issues have been selling like crazy. Perhaps the hype of the upcoming movie is causing more people to check it out, or the Bendis Craze from Battle of the Atom, is pushing people to check out his other current works. This morning we had a bunch of people coming in for Guardians stuff after seeing Thor:The Dark World too, so perhaps the mid-credits scene is getting people excited and making them want to check out what GOTG is all about.

Forever Evil #3 sold like crazy this week, and in a week without any Infinity crossovers, DC seemed to dominate. The Zero year tie-in books definitely sold a bit more than usual, with Batman readers scooping them up to see what the deal was, and many of them have been quite happy with at least the Green Arrow & Detective issues.

Forever Evil #3 rocked the house and continued Geoff Johns' momentum from JL #24. Amazing X-Men #1 captured the Battle of the Atom people and launched strong here. The Zero Year tie-ins all sold more copies than normal for those titles, even Batwing, with Action getting the biggest bump (Pak probably had something to do with it too). East of West, The Star Wars, and Trillium all stood their ground. It was a pretty predictable week overall.

The continued interest in Forever Evil has helped move the Villains month one shots even here
the first week of November. Also, the one two punch of the new Batman hardcover (Death of the Family) shipping and heat from the Zero Year tie-ins starting made Batman #18-24 move more as people jump on following the single issues.

Afterlife With Archie #1 still holds onto a top ten spot in our store! We did a custom cover, and we have just announced that Francesco Francavilla will be signing the comic on Saturday, November 23rd, so we had a renewed wave of interest. This book is performing phenomenally for us–already our biggest single seller of the year!

Overall a very sluggish week so far, helped by having our Amazing X-men #1 store exclusive variant. Next week should be more solid.

Forever Evil is at the same level as sales from when it started. Holding up very well. Amazing X Men with the return of everyone's favorite blue elf had a decent launch but not nearly the sales numbers we were hoping for. With mainstream news bringing up Star Wars movie rumors and news every week interest in Star Wars comics is still very high.

It's still Deadpool's world and we are just living in it. Any back issues with Deadpool are safe for us to pick up due to the quick turn around on selling them. People are still buying the 3D covers from villain's month even after the announced reprintings coming next year.

Zero Year crossovers sold real well, expect to sell through on extras with Batman #25 coming out next week, but the week belonged to Amazing X-Men #1 which sold better than i thought.

New waves of people coming in for the New 52. Had a Justice League #1 for about 2 hours before it was jumped on. I believe that these books will be sought after for many years to come with steady increases every 3-4 months

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