EXCLUSIVE: Samuel L Jackson Writes And Stars In Own Comic Book, Cold Space

Cold Space is a new comic book series co-written by Samuel L Jackson and Eric Calderon drawn by Jeremy Rock, to be published in April by Boom! Studios.

Jackson and Calderon have previously worked on the Afro Samurai animation but this is their first comic book together. And the central character, an on-the-run-outlaw crashlanded on a planet in the middle of a civil war, is modelled on Samuel L Jackson himself. Is a TV series/movie franchise in the offing here?

Samuel Jackson was the art-model for Nick Fury in the Ultimates comic book, which saw him cast in the role for Iron Man, Hulk and upcoming Thor and Avengers movies.

Bleeding Cool recently broke the story of Vinnie Jones doing this with Howard Chaykin, for the Noble comic book/TV series, who is next?

Links would be appreciated people…

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