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My all time favorites creators of all time really cross a lot of genres and decades. You will see me buying a lot of Kirby art pieces and comics. I hoard Carl Barks Disney Comics like there's no tomorrow. Finally, I'm a die hard Brian Pulido fan. This year in San Diego I got a chance to hang out with Brian at the Hero Initiative booth for a couple of hours. He was also the very first creator to do a signing at my store. I also had a chance to work with him on a couple of projects the last year and look forward to more joint ventures in the future. I had a chance to talk to him very quickly between two cons on behalf of Bleeding Cool.

Tell us were you are from originally?

I was raised on the Jersey Shore, specifically Long Branch, New Jersey.

Was there a huge impact on comics growing up?

Indeed. As early as I can remember. Our family would go to flea markets every weekend and there was always a comic dealer there. They would sell the comics with the covers stripped off.

When did you realize writing was for you? Do you have any of your original doodles?

I do. I was always telling stories, drawing characters. I remember in ninth grade I drew a comic for a character I called Equinox, The Searcher.

He was inspired by Jim Starlin's Warlock run. Equinox was nearly as old as the universe, but had on a mask he could never remove because if he did, the emotions the mask bottled up would annihilate the universe. Heady stuff.

What was your first comic that your name appeared in? How excited were you about it?

Evil Ernie #1, published in December 1991. It was a rush.

Was self published important to you at the beginning? Did you pitch your ideals in your early years to publishers?

The first Evil Ernie story was published by Malibu Graphics. While we had a verbal agreement for a second series, they dropped us (I was a pain in the ass, I'm sure). With no prior experience, and a loan from my dad, I jumped into publishing.

Did you have any ideal of the cultural impact Lady Death would be to the comic book world?

Not at all. I simply wrote stories I believed in and worked my ass off to promote them.

Lady Death really has been going very strong over the last coupe of years. How much is this impacted by the variety of variants you do at each conventions?

Conventions and variants are part of the overall presence of Lady Death in the global marketplace. We like to think every item / promotion leaves a positive impression of the character.

Originally your variants were made in larger quantity, now most of your exclusives/variants come out from 50 to 125 runs. Has this worked out better for you and your fans?

Through my company, Coffin Comics (

I am interested in producing authentically rare, frequently handcrafted items. People are responding, yeah.

You have used a variety of cover artist as well for Lady Death. How has this impacted your new fan base?

Having fantastic new new artists render Lady Death, artists like Mike Debalfo, Nei Ruffino or David Nakayama totally excite people.

Is Boundless a ongoing series or will there be a final ending to it or will it split off into another story line?

It is an ongoing monthly. We are considering adding another series, though.

You also launched Origins Cursed this year. What is this story line going to be about and is this going to be further introduction to a broader fanbase?

Cursed completes the storyline first introduced in Lady Death: Abandon All Hope & Lady Death: Blacklands. They can be found in trade paperback form as Lady Death: Origins Volume 1, 2 & 3.

Lady Death fans and Chao's fans all in all are the most loyal fans out there. How do you think this came to be? Are you ever surprised at the extent some fans go to immortalize Lady Death or Evil Ernie?

I'm humbled and honored by it.

Could you see yourself only writing Lady Death stories the rest of your career?

No. I have new stories to tell all the time.

Anything you can tell the B.C. fans that Avatar,Coffin Comics or Brian Pulido has coming out that we can sink our teeth into pertaining Lady Death or any other joint projects?

#24 of the Lady Death Boundless series will knock you on your ass.

Three creators you would like to do a comic with?

Since you didn't distinguish between living or dead, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby or Walter Simonson.

Best way to follow you daily and weekly on the internet?

Whats your coolest thing in your private collection?

I have some cool stuff, but prefer to keep it private.

While I was in San Diego I had asked Brian about The New Evil Ernie Comic coming out by Dynamite in the fall. At this time his answer to that question is "No Comment."

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