Casting Out Of Jupiter For The Jonahverse


Writer- Shobo Coker. Artist- Shofela Coker. Kickstarter end – May 18th. Publishing Date- November 1st

Shofela Coker writes,

Outcasts of Jupiter is a science fiction adventure comic created by two Nigerian brothers. You could say it's the A-Team in space, with a healthy dose of smart pulp and scifi fantasy. It's a fun, funny, action packed, old fashioned, rousing adventure tale with a visually rich galaxy to explore.

Naming things is really hard you know. This is Shobo's mind at work as he tries to fashion a name for our book-

Cathode Tetragram – Sounds wonderfully 80's punk and scifi-ey, but means nothing in relation to book apart from the fact that a tetragram is a word that's four letters long and we've got four team members.

The Quaternion Alternative –  I kind of liked the fact that this sounded like a 70's scifi TV show. 

Cosmica Sidera – The original name Galileo gave to the four moons of Jupiter. It sounded cool, even better, no one would ever "get" what it meant… unless they were massively dorky. Cool name for a band. A dorky band.

Tetragraph – ?? It sounds cool?


Having grown up in Nigeria, Shobo and I now find ourselves on opposing sides of the world with skype and the odd mailed goodie package to connect us. Shobo is in the Philippines working as a marketing consultant and I'm in California working in videogames and animation. So as the call for a Bleeding Cool article came in at 2 am, I sit here frantically typing this up, wishing my brother was doing this instead. You see I draw pictures for a living and he's the writer, but he got married yesterday and is off celebrating (as he should be), so I'll let you read another quote that describes our motivations, that he so eloquently worded.

'We want to tell stories with a strong moral fiber and thematic resonance, stories full of wonder, with diverse characters and cultures. Nigeria and Africa in general get a bad wrap, you rarely hear anything good about the country and continent in the news, and from a really young age we've been on a personal mission to do something, no matter how small to help change that perception, and to give young African kids heroes and stories that they can be proud of. Outcasts is us coming together take a stab at that '


Outcasts is inspired by many things like our collective experience growing up in Lagos, hints of Yoruba and African mythology and shared interests like Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, John Carter of Mars books, some Firefly, cartoons like Knights of the Magical Light. We set out to create a book that sparked the same awe and sense of adventure that these influences afforded us in our youth; a book that totally envelops you in it's lush imagery, compelling storytelling idiosyncrasies and narrative depth.

We're a small operation and we turned to Kickstarter because its given us a platform that's the most practical and direct way we could tell our story. We've been astounded by the generosity of friends and backers alike. At this moment we're about 70% funded. It would be fantastic if you could all give Shobo the best wedding gift ever. That is, he wakes up to a fully funded project before the end of the week.

As a matter of fact, if we make it to 80% of our funding goal this weekend I'll draw a very special ink sketch of one of our titular heroes in a snappy wedding suit that one lucky Bleeding Cool backer will win at random.

Shobo and I sincerely hope that you will will join us in bringing Outcasts Of Jupiter to fruition.

Collective site, Coker CoOp

Shofela Coker-

Shobo Coker-

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