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Fox News Criticises Wonder Woman For Lack Of Patriotism. Comments Say She's A Communist.

Fox News Criticises Wonder Woman For Lack Of Patriotism. Comments Say She's A Communist.

The fanboys may have attacked the new Wonder Woman costume for not showing enough skin. The fashionistas may have despaired at the nineties-style leather jacket. But Fox News went for the lack of USA patriotism for the new costume.

You know, despite the character coming from an island that used to be part of Greece and detached itself. And after being destroyed once, is now resident in the Bermuda Triangle. Off the coast of Central America.

Nevertheless, despite this mixture of non-US origin, Fox News goes to war, with the headline New Wonder Woman Loses Patriotic Costume in Favor of 'Globalized' Duds.

And they quote a fearful DC comics artist who remains anonymous as saying;

This new sleek and fashionable Wonder Woman will translate well to a film franchise centered on a female action hero. That wouldn't have worked as well with the bright and flashy red, white and blue costume, and it definitely wouldn't have played in the very lucrative international markets.The new Wonder Woman costume looks like something you could put on Angelina Jolie, or on one of the bad guys from the 'Twilight' saga.

So Fox News gets to blame the rest of the world putting pressure of a weak liberal lily-livered Hollywood-owned publisher. They're like pigs in shit.

And while comics fans try to explain some of this to Fox News in the comments, there's a more standard fare as well.

DO NOT BUY IT! This is a financial thing and when these comic book owners go BROKE well lesson learned!

Why have American Heroes? Red White and Blue? Let's all be like Obama and take the American Flag off the lapel. Let's be like Hillary and scream at everyone we don't have to show patriotism to be patriotic! And the name "Wonder Woman" is a bit trite as well. She needs a more globalized name now… like "Non-Ethnic, Earth-Loving, Compassionate, International, Tolerant, Green, Non-Genderic, Pants-on-the-Ground Ho."

Might as well call her Obama Girl now. They should stick with the original costume. Who's next? Captain America? How sad… :(

Oh, I know they are doing this to sell the film abroad. I mean, American garb isn't as stylish internationally as it was when say, Reagan was president. But I also think that they need to be savvy to specific markets. I think a nice deep blue burka with gold tassels would go good in the middle east. And maybe some gold leaf leiderhosen in Deutchland.

I don't like the new costume. The new one has no appeal. Looks like something an anti-American might put together…

I like the new custome but we all know the idealogical tendencies of the people who create these things. The same people who did this also did a story on the 'racist' tparty and made GI Joe a U.N. hero. Its all bullshit but they can do it if they want to but don't expect anyone to have a warm feeling towards this company.

Are we so concerned with being politically correct, that we are lame enough to start changing COMIC BOOK hero's so they don't look so American???? OMG – I'm thinking more and more of becoming Canadian.

If you can't support Our Flag, Our Troop, Our Country, Our Constitution, One Nation under GOD and Wonder Woman in Red, White and Blue …. Boycott!!!!!

I dont think you idiot lefties get it… its just another really minor and obscure example of the trashing anything remotely american since Al Qaeda's leader obama has taken office! The forces behind the destruction of america want to slowly erode patriotism just as they are slowly eroding our will against fascist islamist terrorists. Now we have a non patriotic wonder woman and a mosque built at ground zero… opening on sept. 11. Stupid americans.. at least 49% of you!

Hey, be politically sweet and dress her with a turban and Islamic symbol

ok,,,, who the he dbl ll is jim lee,,, why does he matter and who gave him the right to change an american standard??? just as I thought,,, a nobody and no one did.

Her costume makes her look like Wonder-Woman from Uzbekistan or Transylvania. I suppose they have Wonder-Women over there, too, but I bet they aren't allowed to show that much forehead.

And possibly my favourite of all…

The thing I find interesting is that, in minimizing the more patriotic American symbols in her costume, like the stars and the eagle, they managed to leave the Communist red star on the her tiara untouched.

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