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Jimmy's Bastards #1 Review – A Wild, Fun Ride From Aftershock

Jimmy's Bastards #1 - cover

If you've never read a Garth Ennis book before, you should start with this one. Ennis is a tough, gritty writer (but a really cool guy) who creates some pretty incredible things. Jimmy's Bastards is one of those things, and it's a rollercoaster of a comic.

In short, it's a spy parody. Protagonist Jimmy Regent is a fantastic Bond parody, only with 110% more insanity and cursing. Jimmy has an unknown agency comprised of 200 people trying to murder him, and he handles this with grace and absolutely crude humor — which is one of this book's strongest points. Ennis knows how to play with words. There's innuendo all over the place, and the characters are sharp and smart.

I want a whole book about this character.
I want a whole book about this character.

The art, by Russ Braun, is my favorite part of the comic. Braun is a fantastic artist who draws gore exceptionally well. His depiction of Bobo is delightfully frightening and gross, but I love it so much. The attention to detail is great. Blood and body parts are sprayed and strewn everywhere appropriately, all while Jimmy remains cool and calm. Braun's command of the human body is apparent and visually pleasing. Jimmy is attractive, as are all of them women in the comic. Granted, most of the people drawn are beautiful and slender, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for this book.

Jimmy, as I said earlier, is a brilliant parody. He's suave 110% of the time and will actively try and sleep with any female within eyesight. When he meets his newest aide, Nancy McEwan, he is immediately drawn to her and invites her out for a drink, despite it being 9:30 a.m. The characters play off of each other well. Nancy is a great straight-man to Jimmy's aloofness. She also doesn't have time for his shit, and is able to shoot him down repeatedly.

Jimmy's Bastards isn't for the faint of heart, but that's the norm with an Ennis book. If you're not familiar with his work, this is a good jumping-off point, and overall a fun book to read. Let's hope #2 can keep up!

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