Lying In The Gutters – 29th March 2010

Lying In The Gutters – 29th March 2010Another runaround the week in Bleeding Cool and the stories that you've been most interested in.

Top Ten Most Read Stories Of The Week

1. Closing The Refrigerator Door? The monster story this week was looking at the return of the Green Lantern refigerator to the DC Universe, with all the Women In Refrigerators commentary required, and a comment from originator of the phrase, Gail Simone, over the recent Green Lantern Corps issue that made it flesh.

2. Jane Goldman Knows What Boys Like. And she knows what Bleeding Cool readers like to. A runaround of British tabloid reaction to screenwriter Jane Goldman doing an Elizabeth Hurley and wearing a dress to a premiere to guarantee tabloid coverage.

3. Is Mark Millar The Boy Who Cried Wolverine? Huge for a weekend story, Mark Millar making a claim over being asked to write X-Men 4 by Fox before turning it down – and then seeing just who believes it.

4. James Robinson/Mark Bagley JLA/JSA Crossover On Display. Isotope Comics put up copies of pencils from the cover of the already announced JLA/JSA crossover. But people discovered all sorts of unannounced things on those covers and listed them in the comments.

5. DC Comics Gunning For Direct Market Top Spot. It had already run in Bleeding Cool, but the Comics Pro meeting made it flesh. DC intends to take the top direct market share by any means necessary!

6. Mark Millar Takes Out Ad For Nemesis On Times Square (Or Not). Mark Millar spends days announcing the biggest, most amazing, most innovotaive media launch for any comic book to date. Then osts an image of a billboard in Times Square. Then's its exposed as a fake, Mark Millar laughs.

7. The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer. And It Rocks. I'm actually told this one might possibly be Bleeding Cool's fault. By running the story that this trailer was to precede Kick-Ass early, Universal decided to step up the release and keep the element of surprise.

8. Thursday Runaround – Skirting All The Issues As Usual. Thanks to the Daily Mail, a chance to look at the skirt lengths of a number of Doctor Who companions over the decades.

9. Ryan Phillippe And Keira Knightley To Star In Captain America According To A Woman On The Bus. Possibly my silliest sourced story to date, aone-sided iPhone conversation overheard on a bus. But it got picked up by all sorts of sites. Mostly film sites though.

10. Number Crunching: Nemesis #1. My review of Millar & McNiven's Nemesis, using a very numerical, mercantile reviewing system that seems to have caught on a little. Hellblazer #265 also got the same treatment.

Bubbling Under:

A runaround Toronto WizardWorld Comic Con and its new logo, me losing all my hair, the return of Marvelman, the Frazetta family at war and their ceasefire, a preview of Supergod, novelty genitalia used to advertise Kick Ass, premiere reaction,  new Image titles Officer Downe and Sweets, and Mark Millar's anthology project – from Russell T Davies to Armando Iannucci contributing.

Five Things You May Have Missed

1. Improving the lettering of Twilight Manga by drafting in Dave Sim to add his special touch.

2. Kick-Ass tracking relatively low in the US.

3. A Spanish TV comedy sketch impersonation of Alan Moore.

4. Indian students creating disaster awareness comics.

5. Xia Da's problems getting taken seriously as a hugely successful manga creator.

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