North Americans! Win Doctor Who Stuff – Plus Ultimate Bryan Hitch Studio Winners

These are the five winners of the Ultimate Bryan Hitch Studio signed book, who had to tweet something nice about the man. Send in your details, folks…

WilliamRyanEire@ THEBRYANHITCH was nice enough to sign my MA thesis, about him, actually read it, and then tweeted it was a good read!

JamesEspie Bryan Hitch is more delicious than a honey-glazed Christmas ham. 

qqasaurus @THEBRYANHITCH once stopped a criminal with his award-winning smile…then punched the criminal withsaid smile

billpriestley When Superman wants to feel powerful he dresses up as @TheBryanHitch

chemsuperfreak @THEBRYANHITCH is my favorite rapper

Now it's time for another competition, just for US and Canada though I'm afraid. And it's Doctor Who related. I know, I know, it's not fair.

But the BBC America Shop want you to go to when looking for Christmas gifts and are giving away a couple of $500 gift cards

And to promote the promotion, they want to give one Bleeding Cool reader  Doctor Who (Series Six, Part 1 & Series Six, Part 2), The Hour, BBC Holiday Gift Set, a Doctor Who Tardis Mini Set, Doctor Who Suit Shirt, Doctor Who Talking Pen, and Guinness Baseball cap.

Now we hear that the Doctor may be visiting Australia next year. So our challenge to you is to come up with his first line when he opens the doors of the TARDIS down under and tweet it, along with a link to this page. The best, according to me, wins the lot.

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