Paul Gambaccini Is A DC Comics Mastermind

Paul Gambaccini Is A DC Comics MastermindThe other night on BBC's Celebrity Mastermind, Russell Grant, Diane Parish, Tony Parsons and Paul Gambaccini answered questions on their specialist subject and on general knowledge.

DJ, broadcaster and ex-owner of Soho Comics with Jonathan Ross, Gambaccini, chose DC Comics.

And he did rather well, contributing to his eventual winning score, contributing a prize sum to his charity of choice, Stonewall. These are the (abbreviated) questions he was asked along with his answers… all correct but one.

What does DC stand for? Detective Comics.

Who is the Clown Prince of Crime? The Joker.

Who is Oliver Queen? The Green Arrow.

Who is Billy Batson? Captain Marvel.

Who appeared on the cover of the first issue of Funny Stuff? The Three Mouseketeers.

What was the name of Green Lantern's cab driver sidekick? Doiby Dickles.

Who had a cat named Streaky and a horse named Comet? Supergirl.

Which island is the home of Wonder Woman? Paradise Island.

Which President of the United States was a spectator at the Superman Vs Muhammed Ali comic? Jimmy Carter.

Which comedy duo from Paramount Pictures had their own DC title published in 1952? Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Which writer and artist recreated Batman as a god of vengeance on The Dark Knight Returns? Frank Miller.

Who killed Superman in 1992? Doomsday.

Which pop artist based his '63 painting Drowning Girl on a splash panel from Secret Hearts #83? Roy Lichtenstein

Who winged superhero, who fought the evils of the present with the weapons of the past, made his debut in the first edition of Flash Comics? Hawkman.

What was the daytime occupation of John Tane, who at night became the gunslinger Johnny Thunder? School teacher.

Which forerunner of the Batplane did Gardner Fox create for the fifth Batman story? Bat Glider

What was DC's first horror title, as an answer to the EC comic Tales From The Crypt? House Of Mystery.

Which did he get wrong? Second to last, Bat Gyro. Of course it was, we all knew that. Brits, or those who can fake a UK IP address, can watch here.

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