Pulping Frank Cho…

conan-cho-sHow are you preparing for San Diego? Stocking up on hand sanitiser? Printing off business cards? Refining that portfolio? Working out where to queue for the Twilight panel?

Well pity Frank Cho who is not only doing all that, probably, but is also ripping up 2500 copies of his San Diego Comic Con sketchbook, Scribbles And Sketches Book 5.

Frank has a certain reputation for drawing company characters, especially the women, in a pose and lack of clothing that can sometimes, well, have them ask him to draw them again. Or possible add a toga.

Which is a bit harder to do when you've just printed a sketchbook featuring a number of company characters in rather risque poses, hoping to sneak it past the companies in question, only for the legal department of one of them to object and demand that all copies be destroyed. Which, as Frank probably wants to get work from said company in the future, he is complying. He writes;

I've made some rash decisions racing against time to get the sketchbook ready for the San Diego Comicon, and they've come back to bite me on the ass.

There were several art that I wasn't allow to print due to the sensitivity of the images. I made the wrong judgement call and printed those images, thinking the company will allow it just this one time.

However that didn't happen and I'm stuck with 2500 copies of the new sketchbook with 7 pages of art that I can't print. Also per their legal request, I have to destroy all 2500 copies. So today, I'm going to spend all day ripping up my new sketchbook and taking them to the dump.

But fear not, this incident was a blessing in disguise. I wasn't quite happy with the new Sketchbook. This is allowing me to redo the sketchbook completely and giving me more time to replace the offending art with new Mars and Jungle art.

So look for my new sketchbook, Sketches and Scribbles Book 5 VERSION 2, debuting in October at Baltimore Comicon.

As his fans began to rend their sackcloth in twain, the suggested alternatives. But Frank had already been there.

All options were explored – Putting stickers over the pages to cutting out pages by hand.

But all that is moot since the company's legal department have requested that I destroy the books which I'm bound to do.

Of course I bet those pages are digitally stored somewhere on a company lawyer's email. You know, for later…

Image by Frank Cho, Conan is copyright… okay, I'm not sure anymore.

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