Secrets Of The Battleworld – Taking Down The Confederate Flag?

Next week's Secret Wars comics are suddenly rather topical. Southern Bastards has already given us one way to take down the Confederate Flag, but 1872 goes back to basics…

4743599-18722015002_int2-1That's basically what's happening now in the USA, right? I'm sorry, I'm English, my knowledge of American cultural and social history is basically restricted to Bill & Ted. Still, it's enough to drive Tony Stark to drink…


But everything is turning up 1872 right now. With the 1872 Hank Pym on the Shield wall in Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies...


While in Secret Wars Journal, they are trying to preserve that kind of division….


And the Runaways landing up in the 1872 saloon… there's an awful lot of Stetsons going around. So where are the Thors during this kind of blatant domain breach?

Well, one is dealing with a certain Yotat in Guardians Of Knowhere. Looks like she's gotten over MODOK at least.


And the rest are dealing with Inferno, and changing of the leadership within that domain… from Pryor to Summers to Rasputin..



Mind you, all sorts of people continue to turn up after they've died. Such as Jim Rhodes Thor in Armor Wars….


And while everyone's looking at the 1870's, Howard The Human tries the 1970's instead. And faces some extreme prejudice…


While in Weirdworld get get a reprise of the 1970's Dad's Army "Don't tell him, Pike" scene…


Love is in the air on the Battleworld thanks to the Secret Love comic as we discover the Bug World domain of the Battleworld.


And there's plenty of love for Ann Noncenti too.


And the Squirrel Girl/Thor shippers get their day.

4743996-scwarssl2015001_int3-4But there's plenty to go around. Over in Spider-Verse, Peter Parker meets up with the real love of his life. And no, it's not Spider-Gwen…

4744033-sverse2015004_int2-3Secret Wars Journal has some serious mutant identification problems…

4743983-scwarsjou2015004_int3-5While House Of M has the opposite problem…


They really should team up, or have a Sentinel-on-Sentinel smackdowns. Check out the regal regalia on the Sentinels. That's some quality craftsmanship.


We get an all-new all-different X-Men in X-Tinction Agenda
4743779-capbmd2015002_int3-2Captain Britain & The Mighty Defenders seems to be more about Judge Dredd. And I don't have a problem with that.


And I'm happy to take Shokk over Drokk any day. Whilst in Renew Your Vows


With great power, apparently, comes restrained responsibility.

4743647-asmrenew2015004_int2-2More pesky teleporters too… someone call a Thor?

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