Sunday Runaround – Would You Hulk Smash It?

In Memoriam: It's five years since the death of Seth Fisher. Artist Matt Smith remembers him.

BurnWatch: Outsiders, from Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen, gets burned

Olympian: "Insolent pig! You want to know who and what I am? I am Achilles, The Olympian!…and I am your doom!"

Geo-Force: "Now…get OFF me! I am tired of hearing you speak!"

Olympian: "Your words have put me off balance, so let me return the favor!"

Olympian: "It is amazing that the weight of a building can bring such clarity to one's mind."

STOP!!!!! Just stop!!!! I call for a silent issue!!!

ToyWatch: David Vonner gets profiled by his local paper, from his life as a comic book fan whose teachers confiscated his comics, to senior product developer at Hasbro working on the Marvel line. And how he almost went to jail for ten years for armed robbery…

TaiwanWatch: In Angouleme, the Taiwan Ambassador is urging Taiwan artists to create a distinct brand of manhua comics separate from Japan' manga industry.

Chen and Lee, whose art and books at the festival are only in Chinese, have been talking with publishers about the possibility of having them translated into other languages. So far, two French publishing companies have expressed interest in Chen's work.

Meanwhile, a Dutch publishing company has secured the copyright in the Netherlands for The Window, the latest comic book by another Taiwanese artist Sean Chuang.

PornWatch: CBR continues the Bleedingcoolisation of comics by reporting from the set of Hulk XXX. I don't know why sites like this pay so much attention to this kind of thing, I really don't.

BC ComicChron

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

erick kristanto: the museum of comic and cartoon art (great pics!)

new york-based graduate erick kristanto has sent us images of his entry into the 'museum of comic and cartoon art' competition set for manhattan, new york. the design, which earned kristanto an honorable mention, was influenced by the form and properties of speech bubbles, creating spaces that are unconventional in both shape and organization.

SpiderBaby Archives: Of Mice, Men, & Self-Publishers, Part 2

"Kultz" originally saw print in Epic Illustrated #6 (1981); we later found out Marvel had also sold the story for foreign reprint, without consulting or paying us, thus breaking the Epic contract terms. We never did see any compensation for that. Years later, I did arrange for a legal reprint of the story with editor Chris Gore for Film Threat, and split the meager income 50/50 with Steve.

New Line of Green Lantern Childrens Books | The Blog of OA

In advance of the Green Lantern movie books geared for younger readers, Stone Arch Books has five new Green Lantern centric books as a part of their DC Super Heroes line.

Sunday Runaround – Would You Hulk Smash It?

More Green Lantern Merchandise Revealed

Take a look at the Heroclix minatures that show characters like  Salaak and Boodika,  Hal Jordan variants and a first look at the  Abin-Sur action figure

Sunday Runaround – Would You Hulk Smash It?

Seattle Graphic Artists Guild/SPGA Event With Bagge, Grell, Oeming

Learn the ins and outs of Graphic Novels from a stellar panel of experts. These talented creative professionals have insights on all the facets of Graphic Novels, from business considerations to techniques they employ in their specific areas of expertise. They will share their wisdom, wit, and insight in a format that will take you through the various stages of production: planning, writing, artwork, publishing, and marketing in order to create and market your own graphic novel.

CAPTAIN AMERICA EXCLUSIVE: Joe Johnston Teases the Film's Super Bowl Teaser

It IS the world's first look at the film, but at some point you have to put that pressure aside and just concentrate on making it the best Super Bowl spot it can be. The challenge is really what to leave in and what to leave out when you only have 30 seconds, and the marketing people at Paramount have done a stellar job of finding that balance.

James Marsters New Orleans Comic Con

New Orleans Comic Con has started yesterday and as usually, I am going to add links to reports, photos and (hopefully) videos.

Twitpic / GuyDavisART

how about something Eerie for a Saturday night? Here's some filler art for an upcoming EERIE ARCHIVES intro!

Sunday Runaround – Would You Hulk Smash It?

comiXology's Steinberger On Digital Retail

Speaking of estimates, with the recent talk of exactly what kinds of sales numbers the digital market i pulling in and ICv2's gathering of sales charts for the Direct Market, could there be a similar list out for the digital space if comiXology and other companies like iVerse and are interested? "I think that's going to be very difficult without a lot of publisher agreement," Steinberger said. "We put out a top ten list for our Comics By comiXology App as a promotional thing, and it got blown into this whole huge thing about how independents are ruling digital comic books. And we had said in our post that the list didn't include the branded Apps, so it didn't have the Marvel App, the DC App, the BOOM! App, the Image App — and of course those are driving plenty of great sales. So to draw any overall conclusions from what we did is misguided at best.

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