The New Wordburglar Video, Filmed At Fan Expo Canada, Celebrates My Comic Book Collection


At Bleeding Cool we rather enjoy the hip hop geek chic stylings of Wordburglar and previously featured his shot-in-a-comic-store Rhyme O'Clock. Indeed just the morning I had the "haters gotta hate but it's really unwarranted" rhyme knocking around my head. Well now they have a new video for Drawing With Words from his third album 3rdburglar. That references Nth Man, The Ultimate Ninja in the first line. And moves past Next Men, Milk And Cheese, Jack Of Hearts and Stray Toasters. Did we share comic book collections?.

His ode to comic book collecting and was shot entirely at a comic book convention (Fan Expo Canada in Toronto 2012) and may well be the first rap video ever shot at a comic convention and it features a slew of cameos (including Marvel Comics artist Steve McNiven and Toronto Batman) and good old fashioned comic book fun…

And some lyrics to mouth along to…

DRAWINGS WITH WORDS by Wordburglar. From the 2012 release "3RDBURGLAR".

1 As a kid my favourite comic was Nth Man The Ultimate Ninja/
2 You bought every one of those in multiples, didn't cha?/
3 Yeah and it took awhile to collect 'em all/
4 Got the last one I needed down at the shitty mall/
5 Yes Yes Y'all like Lee Falk that's Real Talk/
6 And when I'm not reading 'em I keep safe in a sealed box/
7 From Spidey, Booster Gold and X-Men/
8 Ninja Turtles The Tick and John Byrne's Next Men/
9 Collecting Milk & Cheese Wilkies To Strange Adventures/
10 For real Geeks who can Name Avengers/
11 Like Triathlon, Tigra, Jack Of Hearts/
12 USAgent, though he was always in the wackest arcs/
13 You like Starfox? That wouldn't bug me/
14 Dude saw more pussy than Catwoman's Undies/
15 Trust me, like Hawkeye and Mockingbird/
16 You can call me a nerd I like my Drawings with Words/ Word.


I was into comic books & watching cartoons

Irredeemable / Incorruptable / Invincible
Justice League Europe and The Invisibles
Stray Toasters, Stilt-Man Gravity/
Grimjack, Concrete / Avengers Academy


1 My man R-Lex put me onto SCUD/
2 That KISS comic is made with Blood/
3 & Squadron Supreme had Gruenwald's Ashes In/
4 Worth a lot – but I could never cash it in/
5 That's dumber kidnapping Jim Gordon/
6 Wanna make money? Open a Tim Hortons/
7 What can I say? I like Art in Books/
8 From Steve McNiven's to Darwyn Cooke's/
9 House of Ideas, Distinguished Competition/
10 Back Issues? I'll bee Diggin on a mission/
11 In the depths of the Dollar and Quarter Bins/
12 For rare singles that no one was ordering/
13 And "Whatchu know about Wood-God?"
14 "He's a Man-Brute life-form who, uh, looks odd"/
15 And I gotta give props to the king Jack Kirby/
16 You want to talk shop? Just Ask Burgie/


I was into comic books & watching cartoons

Stan Lee / Alan Moore / Erik Larsen
Reid Flemming / Flaming Carrot / McFarlane
George Perez / Steve Ditko / Art Adams
Jocasta is part robot, part madam

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