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The Shipping Forecast

Ninth Art used to run a great column, entitled the Shipping Forecast, where the website's writers would anticipate comic books shipping that week. Well, you know how I love to steal a good idea, especially since those folks aren't doing it anymore, so let's give it a whirl. Ten books to look forward to shipping for the 10th March 2010. Well, you need to spend all that money you would have spend with Amazon on something. Why not your local comic shop?

The Shipping ForecastBatman And Robin #10 – it's not quite All Star Superman standards, but this series-of-arcs Grant Morrison Batman book is helladdictive. And despite the references to big continuty events I couldn;t bring myself to read, I'm stil holding on. And this issue is Batman Vs Robin, or Batman's-Son-The-New-Robin Vs Old-Robin-The-New-Batman with 2000AD's Andy Clarke (who's Thirteen was a marvel) doing the business.

Greek Street TPB 1 – Pete Milligan's retelling of the great greek tragedies recasting the Pantheon into modern day London social, crime and sex lived of Soho. And after the nights I've spent on Greek Street myself, I can confirm it's all true. And Vertigo, as usual, price the first trade to sell, at a non-Amazon-glitch $9.99

Unwritten #11 – the new comic book that you give to your girlfriend/boyfriend/mistress/gimp to get them into comics. It eases you in with all sorts of Harry Potter-alike allusions before becoming an obsessive treatise into literary fantasy. It is a bit Neil Gaimany, but it's not like he's not doing comics at the moment, so why not.

The Shipping ForecastSavage Dragon #158 – every now and then, you should just delve into this superheroic smogasboard just to see what the hell Erik Larsen has cooked up this month, with an entire fictional universe crammed into one issue. With a long letters column and backmatter strips from all sorts, this is a value-for-money comic book. Go on, treat yourself. It looks like there's going to be a lot of fighting.

Twelve Spearhead #1 – Yes, JMS may have forgotten all about The Twelve in his shiny shiny new DC offices, with Wonder Woman stroking his hair and Superman fellating him (did I go too far?) but Chris Weston hasn't. While we wait for The Twelve to conclude, he's written and drawn his own spinoff prequel project. Taking the detail and design diligence of Brian Bolland with the mannerisms and taste considerations of Garth Ennis, this should be a must.

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1 (Of 2) A step-by-step guide to the alarm systems of Marvel comics, the security considerations, the codes to the various floors, and which windows are never locked to help clear out the stench… sorry? What? Oh it's a guide to getting a job in an industry on the decline? Sorry, as you were then. Will it be any more than "get published somewhere else"?

Criminal Sinners #5. Criminal is consistently the best book Marvel publish. Its sales levels are just that, of course. Criminal. If you miss the kind of thing Brian Bendis used to write, well, here you go. And Sean Philips paints such an absorbing world. This is the last issue with Tracy Lawless trapped between his criminal past his his potential military future. Yeah, this gets snapped up immediately.

Tank Girl Skidmarks #4. Alan Martin returning to the character that plunged him into the Hollywood limelight, only to be let loose, as Jamie Hewlett's star continued to shine. But it's like he's never been away, this is the pure unadulterated Tank Girl muchness I remember from those copies of Deadline squirrelled away under a university mattress.

The Shipping ForecastSuper Real TPB by Jason Martin with just as smidgen of Josh Howard and Jim Mahfood, this mashup of reality TV and superheroics is raw, brash, terribly sexual and rather fun.

Twilight Manga Vol 1. I have not read Twilight. All my mocking has been developed second hand, from its abstinence subtext, its emo gloss and its sparkiling vampires. So I'm going to read this book as a virgin. Something I'm told is not entirely uncommon.

What's interesting is that Diamond comic store accounts are getting this ahead of bookstores – or some copies at least. They are meant to hold it until next week's official release date, March 16th. They're meant to, anyway… anyone spot a copy, take a shot, email it in…

So that's me. What are you lot buying?

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