Thursday Runaround – Twitter Toldjas

Thursday Runaround – Twitter ToldjasWarWatch: Dark Horse will be donating 5,000 copies of the first issue of Mass Effect to US troops abroad. Who will hopefully turn around and put them on eBay where they are going for $10 or more. $50,000, that's enough to buy a piece of extra body armour or two.

FilmWatch:British TV director Suri Krishnamma (Casualty, Echo Beach, Waking The Dead) will direct a movie version of Deepak Chopra's comic book, formerly of Virgin, Beyond.

NewsWatch: CNN reports on the existence of the Charisma Man comic strip, about Western nerds dating Japanese girls.

"I think the character personifies the phenomenon of geeky Western nerds with beautiful Japanese girls," Rodney said. "Charisma Man puts a face on that trend. It is a social satire of a situation which still continues in Japan."

MarvelWatch: The new Avengers cartoon gets promoed…

PaperWatch: The Guardian run PR for Classical Comics' Macbeth motion comic being pushed to schools, starring Sir Derek Jacobi and Juliet Stevenson.

RandomBitsWatch: Jarrett Krosoczka's Lunch Lady graphic novel has named a finalist in the Third Annual Children's Choice Book Awards. Wolverine 2 is shooting in January, set in Japan. This week's Buffy has sparkly vampires… and vampire slayers. Spider-Man doesn't lose his job till next week. And Mark Millar really has a thing about the French.


brubaker I really hate the word "toldja!" because the people who use it imply they were correct about some rumor, when in fact, they had it leaked.  So, it's not like they were right, or figured out some conspiracy or secret. Someone TOLD them. Huge achievement, to be gossiped to.

doctawojo excellent point

brubaker It's a word that just reeks of smugness.

DavidUzumeri Like speaker, like speech.

scharpling That person is just the worst and I wish I didnt go to that site anymore. But I still do.

brubaker Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. Every time she says it, though, or anyone says it, I just want to break teeth.

krufrank Wow! Sour grapes – rick did a great job reporting it.

brubaker Who is Rick? I don't even know what you're talking about.

tomakersthe2nd you really don't like him, do you?

brubaker I swear to god I don't know who you're talking about. I just used the word "she" not "he"

brubaker Oh, I see. Many of you think I'm talking about Rich Johnston. I wasn't, but he uses that word sometimes too, so throw him on the fire, too

ragnell i always assume anything bad said on the internet is about him anyway.

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