Today, Batman's Editor Is Looking Into Damian's Ethnic Portrayal

Power Girl Kicks Damian up the Arse.At the Boston Comic Con this weekend, Batman editor Mark Doyle was asked, if Damian's mother is Talia al Ghul, of a Middle Eastern background, why Damian is consistently portrayed as white, like his father Bruce Wayne, rather than biracial.

He told that questioner that he would be looking into it today. So, if you have any observations, why not let him know? also reports that Brian Azzarello , in response to questions as to how DC can compete with Marvel at the movies, said that DC Comics is always looking for new ways to tell these stories and many more.

"Why do something that's already been done?"

Thankfully there were no snarky, sarcastic types who always try to bring a man down, to shout out "Before Watchmen" or "Dark Knight 3". And thank goodness, we just don't need those kind of mealy-mouthed voices hanging around in this business.


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