Dark Knights Metal Batman Who Laughs Prime 1 Studio Statue 4

Batman Who Laughs Gets a Ridiculously Awesome Statue From Prime 1 Studio

A regular edition limited to a number TBD, and a deluxe version limited to only 500 pieces that will also include a Damian companion statue This one stands at 33 inches tall, and features the popular Dark Knights Metal character and his "Robins" in all of their horrific glory They are standing on a gargoyle[...]

Damien Gets New Trailer And Premiere Date

Taking a look at this new trailer for Damien, we see that this is an extension of the original Richard Donner film from 1976 and some clips from the film are included. The new series follows the adult life of Damien Thorn, the mysterious child from the 1976 horror film, The Omen, who has grown […]

Today, Batman's Editor Is Looking Into Damian's Ethnic Portrayal

At the Boston Comic Con this weekend, Batman editor Mark Doyle was asked, if Damian's mother is Talia al Ghul, of a Middle Eastern background, why Damian is consistently portrayed as white, like his father Bruce Wayne, rather than biracial.He told that questioner that he would be looking into it today So, if you have any[...]

Pretty Pictures: Patrick Gleason

Seen by some as an ancillary title to Batman Inc, filling in the numbers, it became an emotionally complex book and did as much for the character for Damian for me as any other comic.And Gleason's evolved a style that's comparable to a looser, Brian Bolland, lots of fine, bold black detail, but also an[...]

Is It Time To Start Lining Up For World's Finest #10 Yet?

World's Finest #10 follows on directly from Batman Inc #8. It has already sold out at a distributor level. Shops can't order any more. It will likely to have been ordered at a much lower level than Batman Inc #8. Basically, if you want a copy… Start lining up no

Fathers And Sons – Guardians Of The Galaxy, Nova, Action Comics And Batman Inc

There are spoilers for comics published today and last week. below. So, yes. Fathers and sons. Suddenly that seems to be what my superhero comic books are all about. But then, haven't they always? Last week in Action Comics, through a time travel device we saw Clark's final moments with Jonathan Kent, his adoptive father, […]

Now Every New 52 DC Comic Spoils Batman Inc #8

You read Bleeding Cool yesterday, so you knew to avoid the New York Post. And then you went offline. You didn't look at your tweets, you stayed off Facebook, you didn't even watch the news, you just went about your day, woke up this morning and went to your comic shop for your stack. You […]

Speculator Corner (Warning: Batman Inc #8 Spoilers)

So. Based purely on that New York Post story this morning. (And thanks to keen New York Post/Bleeding Cool readers for alerting us to it). Warning, spoilers going in. It may be a little sudden. It is definitely premature. But when has that ever stopped Bleeding Cool? Because, whatever happens in Batman Inc #8, Batman […]

DC Comics Warn Of Massive Media Blitz On Batman Inc #8

Bleeding Cool had already reported on higher than expected advance reorders on Batman Inc #8, Grant Morrison coming closer to the end of his run on the Batman titles. But I understand that DC Comics sales representative have been calling stores to tell them that they may have underordered. That they are expecting sizeable media coverage […]

The Joy Of Damian – Six Panels From Today's DC Comics (Spoilers)

But for those of you who have become mad Damian fans (as, you know, have I, kind of) you're in for a treat Here are sixDamian moments from today.. with the joy of knowing that there are plenty more waiting for you at the comic shop Spoilers, obviously, but seriously, how is it possible to[...]

Grant Morrison Puts Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batman Inc

In today's Batman Inc, we go to the future. One we've previously glimpsed in which The Joker takes his ultimate revenge on Batman. A real end times story for the book, and its a future which the current day Batman is tryingto avoid. But one of the character twists is exactly what has happened to […]

A Comic Show – Damian's "Pre-Teen Butt"

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll2bgfih9bU[/youtube] Aaron and Tony of A Comic Shop in Florida, is still in Free Comic Book Day celebration. Aaron writes; Free Comic Book Day and the Avengers movie were insane! These things we all love have never been hotter, it was comic books Best Week Ever! This week's actual output rocks as well. Batman's Night […]

A Comic Show – What Does Paul Cornell Have On Dan DiDio?

Another week, another run through tomorrow's comics with Aaron and Tri-Force Mike from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida.And this week they share the love for X-Force, Amazing Spider-Man, Action Comics, Batman And Robin, Damian leading Teen Titans, Batwoman, The Walking Dead, Ex Machina, Fire Breather and some Thanksgiving love.... #1 UNCANNY X-FORCE[...]