Rich Johnston's Page 616 – Blind Items During Lockdown 2020

While lots of creators, publishers and comic book stores are in lockdown, lawyers are as busy as ever. Which is why certain pieces of gossip have to have the names filed off before publication. Welcome to the return of the very-occasional but ever-so-long-running Rich Johnston's Page 616 column on Bleeding Cool. Where it begins with some good news for a change.

Rich Johnston's Page 616 – Blind Items During Lockdown 2020

Which two British comic book creators have posed for James Hall's new high-end photographic album of female nudes, Age Cannot Wither Her, featuring, and celebrating the female body through the years?

Which DC Comics name artist, pre-lockdown, contacted Marvel Comics asking for comic work so that they wouldn't have to draw a comic book by a writer who was partially the reason they left Marvel for DC in the first place?

Which British comics publisher has been delaying payments at this time on one hand, demanding fee payments on another, even though the publishers themselves are well minted and probably in a better position to rough it out than many?

Which major comic book creator's long-awaited DC Comics project was lined up for DC coming out of lock down, only for it to be revealed that a) it wasn't finished and b) he wanted a raise based on when he originally started the project especially considering s) how much his peers are getting paid for similarly high-profile projects?

Which American comic store is putting together a rescue fund to a) help out comic book stores in distress by investing in them but b) when the investment has been made plans to begin rebranding each store that will lead to a nationwide chain store of comic stores under one name, a little like how Forbidden Planet managed it in the UK? Though hopefully without the bitter rivalries that spot them in two.

Which relationship between a publisher and a senior editor at a prominent comics publisher has been called into question as the editor always seem to get their projects through immediately, while the rest have to fight for scraps? Which has led to creators wanting to only work with the favoured editor as a result.

Of which Marvel comics writer is it said of that he was "formally reprimanded" by Marvel executives for appearing on a Comicsgate video – but in truth, said executives a) couldn't care less and b) didn't even know anyway until the writer brought it up. No punishment at all, cosmic or otherwise.

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