Robert Kirkman's Newest Comic 'Oblivion Song' Introduced At NYCC

Freddy Valle reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool:

Robert Kirkman talks about his Invincible comic series

The panel began with Robert Kirkman walking in and choosing to stand rather than sit. He was on stage alone, with no moderators, thus setting a very laid back and personal atmosphere.

He began by showing the cover art for an upcoming issue of The Walking Dead. It was an ominous image of three armored soldiers, equipped with heavy firearms, heralding in a new arc for the comic. Kirkman stated the issue introduces a colony known as the Commonwealth, which will include new characters and change the direction of the series.

Robert Kirkman shows off his latest Walking Dead cover variant.

He then proceeded to show covers for upcoming issues of Outcast's new arc: Invasion. The audience also had a chance to glimpse cover art for the last few issues of the epic saga of Invincible. Kirkman guaranteed big surprises for the series, and how storylines will connect.

Finally, he introduced his latest comic, Oblivion Song, set to release March 7th, 2018. The series follows Nathan, a survivor in a world ravaged by a huge, and mysterious catastrophic event. The audience had the opportunity to watch a brief trailer showing some of the artwork from the comic. There were images of decimated cities, and alien like creatures on the hunt. The series promises to be action packed, while also exploring how humanity copes with a harsh new reality. Kirkman described it as "not quite post apocalyptic, but rather as post apocalyptic adjacent." He didn't dig deeper, stating that more teasers and previews are yet to come.

This was the first panel I've ever attended and I felt like it was a great introduction to the con. I never expected it to be so personal and intimate. Especially coming from someone like Kirkman, who typically writes darker themed works, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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