Santa Fe Comic Con Makes Social Media Faux Pas

11127529_902696446459277_2445324155983432084_nIt's been more and more common for comic book conventions to treat cosplayers as guests in their own right. Some will fly in, put up and pay for prominent cosplayers to appear at their shows, and sell prints, in a variety of costumes.

But not all of them.

Representatives of Santa Fe Comic Con posted the following on Facebook.


Cue huge number of negative responses… and replies from Sante Fe Comic Con including the following.



There might have been a better way…
auYJXNECosplay, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.
yZQgMYMIt's starting to remind me of Keb Livingstone now. You just want to put a bag over certain people's heads and say "stop talking", it's helping no one…

Can someone please stop them from saying "boob model"?


The next morning, there was a change of heart… ish.

Vvbh1jxThis comment was then, later, also taken down. But there was more to come.

Original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and announced guest at the show Amy Jo Johnson posted on her Facebook page…

amy So Santa Fe Comic Con posted an e-mail from her agent… e-mail address deletion our own…


With predictable responses.13165963_1205328286146767_5221133139947959582_nThere are, of course, ways and means…



The healing must begin! Just don't call anyone a boob model!

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