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Scott Adams Returns With New Strip, Dilbert Reborn, Now With F-Words

A video showing Scott Adam's drawing the first two strips for his new strip, Dilbert Reborn, can be seen on his private livestream.

Scott Adams has been broadcasting the creation of a new strip on his subscription channel on and allowed his readers and subscribers to help name it, eventually going with Dilbert Reborn. A video showing his creation of the first two strips for Dilbert Reborn can be seen on his livestream.

Scott Adams' New Strip Dilbert Reborn, Now With Swearing
Scott Adams livestream screencap

Drawing on a tablet, the strip sees the return of the Garbage Man character, a skilled inventor to cosmic levels, who uses wormholes to collect garbage, and who breaks the fourth wall, aware that he is in a comic strip. With the apparent death of Dilbert, he has come to collect Dilbert's ashes.

Scott Adams' New Strip Dilbert Reborn, Returns With Swearing
Scott Adams livestream screencap

And his next trick will be to reassemble them, to rebirth Dilbert into reality. Though even for the Garbage Man, it will take a little time. And Dogbert's request that Dilbert be a little angrier this time may be about to be carried out. It looks like the Dilbert of Dilbert Reborn may be willing to dive further into the culture wars, now that he has no restraint. And in the second strip, we see a garbage receptacle, from which the new Dilbert returns.

Scott Adams' New Strip Dilbert Reborn, Returns With Swearing
Scott Adams livestream screencap

Once upon a time, bad actors on the internet began popularising the phrase "It's OK to be white" as an attempt to troll society, something that was objectively true and inoffensive, and then tagging it to white supremacist groups, and claims of white victimhood, to the extent that to many, and quite deliberately, it became a dog-whistle signifier of racism. Basically pretty much what happened to Matt Furie's cartoon character Pepe The Frog. Or, for that matter, a Hindi image representing prosperity, a hundred years ago.

The right-wing polling company, Rasmussen, asked an undetermined number people if they agreed with the phrase, and only half of those designated Black Americans agreed. Less than three-quarters of white Americans agreed with it. It is pretty likely that the disagreements were down to being aware of the recent use of this specific phrase but there was no reported "why?" follow-up question.

Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams then decided that this meant that Black Americans were a hate group. Or, he decided to decide that to make some kind of performative point. In an intentionally provocative YouTube video which he promoted as something that would get him cancelled, he stated that white people should stay away from Black people and wondered how cancelled this would get him. Turns out quite a lot. Because while newspapers were able to ignore his dog whistles before, these statements were a little out-in-the-open, undeniable and irreconcilable. Newspapers started dropping the strip in droves and announcing it too. And now his own syndication network, book publisher and agent followed. Though episodes of the strip, completed long before this mess, continue to be published on

Scott Adams' Returns With New Strip Dilbert Reborn Now With F-Words

And now Scott Adams has moved future strips to stating that "Dilbert (and more) will only be available on the subscription site when sorted out."  That sorting out now seems to have occurred.

Scott Adams, screencap

Scott Adams is worth an estimated $75 million. Annual subscriptions to Scott Adams' content are from $7 a month.

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