Sean Phillips Draws More Of BBC's Adaptation Of Gaiman And Pratchett's Good Omens

We ran a batch of lovely images before. But here are the final three episodes of BBC Radio 4's Good Omens playing over Christmas week, illustrated by Sean Phillips, using the likeness of the actors. Exclusive to Bleeding Cool, apparently, which is nice.


It may be worth pointing out to our colonial chums that while the show will play late in the UK, 11pm every night for a week, those on the East Coast of the UA will be able to tune in online, for free, at 6pm. And those on the West Coast at 3pm. Which strikes me as a much more civilised hour. And then of course the episodes will be available for free streaming for a good while after that. Bookmark this page in advance…

I love the BBC.


Welcome to Armageddon…

GO-episode-6-signedLet's have a listen. Neil Gaiman introducing Good Omens…

Jim Norton as Death…

Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap as Crowley and Azirophale,

Charlotte Richie as Anathema Device,

Colin Morgan as Newton Pulsifer,

Harry Lloyd as Pollution,

And Paterson Joseph as Famine.

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