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Alan Moore Narrates Non-Binary BBC Sitcom, Streaming Globally For Free
They have a new sitcom on BBC Radio 4 called Damned Andrew which they have written with Tom DeVille The first episode has aired and is available to stream globally, free on the BBC Sounds app or through the BBC website And it happens to be narrated by one comic book creator, film writer, musician[...]
Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic BBC Adaptation Streams Free Tomorrow
It will air on BBC Radio 4 at 3pm GMT on Sunday – that's 10am ET and 7am PT But it will stream globally, for free, from BBC Sounds for a year afterwards. Michael Palin stars in an exclusive adaptation of Terry Jones's comic novel A tale of interstellar skulduggery, romance and unhinged robots based in[...]
BBC Releases Tickets For Just A Minute, With New Host Sue Perkins
He died in January 2020, aged 96. Sue Perkins, BBC PR A longstanding institution, Just A Minute is a BBC Radio 4 panel game that sees comedians, performers, poets, columnists, generally witty types given the task of talking on a subject given to the by the host seconds previously, for sixty seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation,[...]
Ian McKellen Lost Role In Harold Pinter Film For Being Gay
Ian McKellen has been interviewed by John Wilson for BBC Radio 4's Front Row, talking about his life, his career, and his decision to return to the lead role of Hamlet During the forty-five-minute interview, he also talked about his gay activism over the years and the effects of another radio interview he gave in[...]
David Tennant Pretended To Be His Own PA, Melissa Von Stressle
As David Tennant says "I hope no one is listening to this who got an e-mail from Melissa Von Stressel." Did you? Or maybe you, like Stephen Mangan introduced yourself to Robert DeNiro, saying "Hello, I'm Robert DeNiro." The Confessional is written and presented by Stephen Mangan with extra material by Nick Doody, produced by Dave Anderson[...]
BBC Radio 4 Launches Bameshow, a Panel Show For Non-White Comedians
BBC Radio 4 is recording Bameshow, a new panel game twists that the other way. Bameshow logo from BBC Radio. "Welcome to the only BBC Radio 4 panel show featuring exclusively people of colour! But how in an age of entertainment tokenism has this been made possible? This is audio No-one knows we're not white." says Desiree[...]
Jon Holmes Recreates BBC Radio In His Own Image With The Skewer
Still, his radio history is long and varied, from student radio at Canterbury University, his Grievous Bodily Radio show for BBC Radio 4 back in 1997, and The Jon & Andy Show with Andy Hurst, which won him a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award He also co-created the long-running impressions show Dead Ringers, replacing WeekEnding,[...]
The Lenny Henry Show - On Superheroes Getting The Black Prefix...
Sir Lenny Henry has brought back his eighties BBC comedy sketch show The Lenny Henry Show, to BBC Radio 4 Which means he can open the first show with an effects-heavy sketch as the superhero saving the day Comet Or as everyone insisted on calling him, Black Comet It rather gets on his nerves… noting[...]
In five years time when all the current TV like Have I Got News For You is repeated on Dave, it's going to feel like a surreal hangover. The Archers is a British radio soap opera running first on the BBC Home Service and now on BBC Radio 4, and broadcast continually since 1951  Partly established[...]
Welcome To 'Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully'
BBC Radio 4 is currently repeating the second series of the sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully Which has given me the motivation to find the first series and listen to the lot. And maybe suggest you do too. The writer Eddie Robson, is also known for his Doctor Who audio, book and novel work, as[...]
Tumanbay: Interview with the Royal Spymaster – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes Tumanbay, BBC Radio 4's epic historical drama reached episode seven out of its ten-week run this week. This week, we interview Rufus Wright, who plays Gregor, the Sultan's spymaster charged with rooting out traitors and spies who would seek to bring down the empire Gregor's progress set one of the main threads of the[...]
Hear Stan Lee Discover For The First Time That Iceman Is Gay
And you can hear him recite it to BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme this morning to promote his graphic memoir by Peter David and Colleen Doran. No, no mention of Steve Ditko, obviously. But he was also asked about Iceman being outed as gay recently in the All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men comics And it came[...]
If You Listen To One Radio Show Today… Twin Peaks @25
On BBC Radio 4, available online around the world right here, a documentary on 25 years of Twin Peaks, ahead of the new revival is going to be broadcast in seventy-five minutes And available to listen again afterwards right here. It's been 25 years since we first entered the 'cherry pie' logging town and met Agent[...]
Lenny Henry Tackles Lack Of Black Comic Creators, On BBC Radio 4's Today Programme
BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning, ran a feature towards the end of its three hour broadcast, looking at the ethnic makeup of modern day comic book creators. Today's edition of the show was guest-edited by long-standing British comedian, writer and producer Lenny Henry, who rocketed to media attention this year after preaching about the[...]
How To Enjoy The BBC's Good Omens By Neil Gaiman And Terry Pratchett
Last night at 11pm, BBC Radio 4 broadcast the first two parts of their adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel Good Omens, starring Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap. Naturally everyone was a) tucked up in bed b) out on the lash c) living in another country. But if you would like to enjoy both episodes in[...]
Sean Phillips Draws More Of Neil Gaiman And Terry Pratchett's Good Omens For The BBC
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran an article about Sean Phillips creating illustrations for the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens running over Christmas. And it's worth pointing out that this will be available free, worldwide, through the BBC iPlayer, both live and streaming afterwards We will run links But it[...]
Michael Sheen On Comics, And Neil Gaiman
"Here's the Watchmen, here's Swamp Thing, here's Hellblazer and here's the Sandman and my education began." Sheen is reading An Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman for Radio 4's Book At Bedtime from Monday, through the week. Michael Sheen on comic books and Neil Gaiman at the hands of drama college student[...]
It's Cartoon War!
Scarfe later apologised saying he was unaware of the day, and both the editor of the paper and publisher Rupert Murdoch have also apologised – a rare event indeed. Stephen Pollard of the Jewish Chronicle and Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell got into it on BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme today Pollard called the cartoon blood[...]
Alan Moore On BBC Radio And TV
Alan Moore has become quite the doyen of BBC Radio 4 of late Chain Reaction, Infinite Monkey Cage, The Today Programme, he seems to pop up two or three times each year And now Alan Moore has just appeared on The World At One on BBC Radio 4, a political current affairs programme, at around[...]
Alan Moore Wishes You A Happy New Year On BBC Radio 4
British comedian Stewart Lee guest edited BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning And chose Alan Moore to deliver an Alternative Thought For The Day You can find it at 1 hour 22 minutes in… British comedian Stewart Lee guest edited BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning And chose Alan Moore to deliver an[...]
Alan Moore To Read Thought For The Day On BBC Radio 4
And Moore went on BBC Radio 4 in the morning for the Today programme, a weekday Radio 4 show with a reputation of setting the political agenda, to talk about the book. They asked him if, by writing this book, the life of one child would be harmed, would it be worth it This rather incensed[...]
Look! It Moves! #82: Die, Ambridge! Die!
Americans and non-British people will probably have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about today. THE ARCHERS is a BBC Radio 4's daily soap opera that's been running since 1951, which might make it the longest-running soap opera in the world it's basically about a farming family and the people they know in a fictional[...]