Today's Secret Empire #7 Revisits That Scene With Thor's Hammer, Ahead Of The Final Issues

At the finale of the Free Comic Book Day edition of Secret Empire – you know, the book that got burnt in protest against fascism – we saw Steve Rogers, Captain America, director of SHIELD revealed as a Hydra Sleeper Agent, pick up Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor and wield it as ever before.

In a pose seemingly swiped by Andrea Sorrentino from Jae Lee's The Inhumans.


In today's Secret Empire comics, first in Captain America: Sam Wilson we see a man battling with his identity and expectations.

While in Secret Empire, Steve Rogers makes plans to declare war.

Sam Wilson is reminded what is going on…

Decides to make his stand…

And in Secret Empire #7, makes his stand.

Looks like hammer meets shield in Secret Empire #8…and an explanation of the change in logo for subsequent issues.

Instead of this…

Shields up, folks!


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