Sex Magic And The Superhuman Threat

Michael Francis writes,

Image 1 if you need censoredThere was a tradition of sexual magic practiced by secret societies in Europe that started in the 1100's and continued underground for hundreds of years. This sexual magic was a mysterious type of practice, so intense and powerful, and when used by certain chosen individuals, it could enable them to become super-conscious. That is, these initiated practitioners were able to unlock an extreme untapped human potential in themselves, not unlike what we see in the movies Limitless or Lucy.

Very few people today know about this secret type of sexual practice. Today, sex is used for a quick thrill, for bonding between couples, or to reproduce, and that's it. One of our goals at our studio Golden Elixir Productions has been to share the secret of these practices, because we truly believe that sexual magic–a type of Tantra–is one of the ways people can reach exciting new heights in their abilities, perhaps even to a superhuman level.

Currently science rejects this type of mystical experience as unverifiable and false. But we are currently working with scientists and scholars to try and prove otherwise. We have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new graphic novel, How To Kill A Psychotic God, to begin a shift in public perception around these issues, to build attention and controversy and to move forward toward a paradigm shift in science, where the practice of sexual magic can be taught and used by all kinds of people to improve their mental and physical capacities. In the Middle Ages of Europe described above, these sexual practices were punished by the ruling class. How To Kill A Psychotic God takes place in a future society where the ruling class surveillance state will do anything it can to keep its citizens from discovering these secrets.

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P.S. It's quite probable that we're all in some advanced computer simulation and that this sexual magic is one of the "hacks/cheat codes" that was built into the system. Just food for thought..!

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