So How Close Are Grayson And Midnighter In DC Rebirth?

So Dick Grayson has got his secret identity back. In the last issue of Grayson we discovered who knew and who didn't.



But who counts as family? Well, Batman and the Batfamily, obviously, including Damian Wayne, as seen in today's Nightwing Rebirth #1.


Image (20) But will Midnighter know who Dick is?Image (21)

Of course he does. He's family after all. Dick's Nemesister… which makes any of their previous flirtation a little more incestuous. Oh dear.

Talking of keeping things in the family,  thankfully, these folk don't have a Nightwing clue anymore.
Image (22)You know, if you still wash your shirts in biological washing powder, that still won't work….

Nightwing Rebirth #1 is out today…

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