Comic Store In Your Future: Solve That Comic Fan's Gift-Giving Dilemma

For non-collectors, it can be challenging to find presents for the person in their life that is a comic collector. Or to find what gift or gifts would be good to get another person into collecting. Well, the holidays are almost here. Here are some ideas – if you can find them, that is.

  • Statues. Want to go big? Often a fan of a certain character stays away from statues because of their higher costs. Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and many more all have statues based on them. And since they'll have them out, they'll always be reminded of your kind gift.
  • Store gift certificates. For comic collectors that shop at their local comic store, gift certificates are often the safest bet—especially mine.
  • Comic supplies. Another safe bet is always comic supplies as a gift. I don't think it's dull; most comic collectors will need and use comic bags and boards and will almost always need more in the future. Right now, they are getting quite hard to find as well. Comic boxes are another item almost all comic collectors need or will need in the future. Gone are the days of just plain white comic boxes. Aliens, Batman, Captain America, Superman, the Walking Dead, and more are now graphics on comic boxes.
Comic Store In Your Future: What Gift To Get For That Collector In Your Life?
Comic collectors that give gifts to each other are the best kind of family—photo by Rod Lamberti.

For those who want to take a chance and surprise that comic fan or give some reading material as a gift, here are some suggestions.

  • Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Trade Maximum Carnage. With the Venom movie recently in movie theaters, now would be a good time to give something that fans of the film would enjoy. A huge collection of Spider-Man and his allies fighting Carnage and his allies. The trade retails for $39.99.
  • Batman Fortnite. Fortnite the game is very popular, so popular even non-comic book fans come in to pick up Fortnite comics.  This is a well-written and thought-out limited series collected in hardcover that has a good chance of bringing non-comic book readers to comic stores and, maybe, to convert non-comic book collectors into new comic collectors. Retails for $24.99.
  • Doomsday Clock. Fans of the original Watchmen get to see what happened to the survivors of the first Watchmen series and see their first interactions with the main DCU superheroes. Retails for $39.99.
  • Flashpoint. With a Flash movie due out soon this collection would be great for any Flash fans. Retails for $14.99.
  • Geiger vol 1 is a brand new collection that came out on Nov 24th—collecting the Geiger six-issue limited series that ended this year. There are no extensive back issues to search for previous issues; this collects Geiger's first appearance and story arc. Retails for just $9.99.
  • House of X/Powers of X trade. The X-Men written by Hickman! 'Nuff said. Retails for $44.99.
  • My Little Pony comics and trades are great for kids. Any trade collection of My Little Pony would be a great hit for the youngster in one's life. Sonic the Hedgehog also is kid-friendly and has an ongoing comic series and trades available.
  • Star Wars comics have been around for years. The Star Wars vol 1 trade Skywalker Strikes trade is perfect for Star Wars fans. Solid writing and art. Retails for $19.99.
  • Transformers. Fans of the Transformers from the 80s to new young fans should appreciate the current Transformer comics and various trades available.

Odds are your local comic store has all kinds of ideas for holiday gifts. Statues, comics, trades, action figures, games, and more may all be available to pick from. Buying from your local comic store means no waiting on shipping which takes away from the worry of will it arrive in time for the holidays. With the holidays getting closer and with all the talk of how the supply chain crunch could make this holiday shopping season that much tougher, now may very well be the time to get a leg up by shopping early for that gift that will be a hit. Hopefully, everyone has been good this year; I know I have. Well, it depends on who you talk to. Okay, good might be a stretch for me. Happy holidays everyone, and stay safe!

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