Forget Mother's day? Animal Kingdom's got you covered!

'Animal Kingdom': Smurf Has All Your Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas [VIDEO]

So Mother's Day is here (and mostly over) – and while many are celebrating with their mothers and mother-figures, others are freaking out over the realization that they've completely forgotten to get a gift for the special maternal figure in their life. So how does TNT's Animal Kingdom fit into this? They've got you and […]

mario build-a-bear

It's-a Me, Build-A-Bear Super Mario!

For stuffed animal and plushy collectors, there is nothing more dangerous than Build-A-Bear and their holiday offerings. This year, looks like they're going old school — all the way back to the days of classic Super Nintendo. Build-A-Bear is now offering these special Super Mario-themed additions to their already amazing collection of customizable buddies. Think […]

Hundred Dollar Comic Book Christmas Gifts For 2012

As Tom Lehrer sang "It doesn't matter how sincere it is, nor how heartfelt the spirit. Sentiment will not endear it, what's important is the price" And when it comes to comic books, the price is one hundred dollars. Or $99.99 if you insist. Oh sure, you can get great discounts, but love, true love, […]

Twenty Fat Expensive Comic Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is coming, the fanboy's getting fat Please put an omnibus in the old man's hat. If you haven't got an omnibus an absolute will do. If you haven't got an absolute, then get out of my mother's basement you freeloader! That's right, 'tis the season to be jolly well giving the postman a hernia. […]