Speculators' Corner: Gotham And Harvey Bullock

The first episode of Gotham airs tonight. Everyone at Bleeding Cool has seen it, and I think it's great. Mad as a bucket of badgers, closer in tone to Luthor in that respect, but most entertaining.

And while most viewers will be familiar with Batman, Catwoman, the Penguin, even James Gordon, for most – if they didn't watch the cartoon – Harvey Bullock will be a brand new discovery.


He first appeared in the Batman comics back in 1974, namely Detective Comics #441, by Archie Goodwin and Howard Chaykin. I guess it must go for a pretty penny?


Not really.

At a peak, $38 for a VF+ copy but you can get a VG copy for less that five dollars.  But with Constantine and iZombie prices rocketing, it might be worth checking a few back issue bins to see what you can find….

Of course what DC Comics really want you to buy are the collections of Gotham Central and the collected Gordon Of Gotham, GCPD, Gordon's Law…. but you never know. If you can pick up enough copies of this comic cheap, you might be able to flip them and buy the collections!

The price of comcis can, of course, go down as well as up. And usually do.

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